Fighting Sticks of Arnis: Filipino Knife Tactics



Fighting Sticks of Arnis: Filipino Knife Tactics – A clip taken from our Fighting Sticks of Arnis documentary featuring Knife instructor Rommel Tortal of Pekiti Tirisa …

6 thoughts on “Fighting Sticks of Arnis: Filipino Knife Tactics

  1. Ricky Tang says:

    Filipino Knife Tactics = a Bunch of useless Bullshit of Choreographed flashy moves mainly done on non-committed Knife attacks…
    Knife Fighting Instructors = a Bunch of Weekend wannabe G.I. Joes who don't even have the slightest clue of what a Real Knife Attack situation will look like…don't waste your time with these Systems they will just give you false confidence…and might even get you Killed!!!

  2. El Maca says:

    Emptty Mind Films, you're a disgrace. Bad person. And I hope you don't practice any Japanese martial art. If you do, then you are disrespecting me and millions of people in the world. I hope YouTube close your channel and do not allow you to continue using the web.

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