Fighting Irish Stance: Old School Strategies & Techniques

Mittwork Certification Course▻ The “fighting Irish” stance was and old school boxing stance used amongst bare-knuckle boxers, before the …

49 thoughts on “Fighting Irish Stance: Old School Strategies & Techniques

  1. LookCrazyRideFreight says:

    Noone wore gloves hence hands easilybroken in head. Wasnt common to hit as hard as u could to the head.

    Grappling was legal hence hands were there to keep othere dudes trunk away. And the inhand developed as a wrapon to avoid while getting vlose

  2. IRA PipeBomb says:

    Man they say fighting irish because of our history and was known for really old street boxing notting like you just showed im irish i seen alot of real fighting irish pictures in pubs, i laughed at the stance and bone strikes, ya maybe back in 1890/1900 or evin further back more like ordinary boxing but the fighting stance you have it more or less likely right in video, it was basically barn fights

  3. atanasion says:

    It looks like a bit Wing Chun's stance, I'm also WC is designed to be bare knuckle boxing, strikes with palms and try to concentrate the attention firstly to not get punched and to protect the hands, and to of course hit your opponent. Interesting these similarities.

  4. Cherubim666999 says:

    its a pretty good way of fighting a larger man especially…you weigh 180, the guy you are fighting is over 200lb. hitem hard, fast, and do the very best to debilitate him, if all he can see is your hands and you are hitting in a way that doesnt tire you like most people on street do by throwing heymakers, all he can see is your hands and his blood, maybe even give him a kick, he will normally do one of two things, try to grab you, or cover…if he goes to grab you are that far away you have a chance of avoiding that, if he covers you can either 1. keep attacking, or 2. get the hell away from him.

  5. Keith Pevey says:

    Heck yeah it works! After years of instructing martial arts, this is where it’s at! Palm strikes penetrate muck more than punching. The beauty of this style involves safety first. It’s definitely geared towards street fighting. Nice! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Localnomadmovies says:

    Nice video.
    My grandmother’s Uncle had the longest boxing match (his name was Jack Burke) went 110 rounds with Andy Bowen in the late 1800s. I loved his stance. Very similar to wing chun (something I’ve cross trained for years with Kickboxing and BJJ). It’s all fighting people ! OSU !!

  7. Aharon Fernandez says:

    the main reason is actually grapling, which WAS allowed before rules change in pugilism, so was hair hair grabbing, Mendozas most famous loss was having his hair grabbed nad getting repeatidly punched

  8. Andy P says:

    The reason for this stance is what Jack Dempsey called the power line: your elbow has to be pulled in front of the hip. By using this stance you can leverage up off the floor in the most effective way, but with large gloves on it doesn’t work.

  9. O O says:

    My uncle was a boxer in federal prison. He used a similar style but not exactly this. His footwork was good and he would block with his forearms in a sweeping motion and counter with amazing speed and accuracy. He was undefeated in prison and on the streets and I witnessed him use his hands in many of fights over the years as He lived in my house growing up and he and my dad rolled with a rough crowd of bikers and convicts. He was a short guy but extremely muscular and well conditioned from over ten years of bodybuilding and prison life. He was fearless, smart, had absolutely zero tolerance and would kick someone’s ass for disrespecting woman, children or the elderly. If someone were to come at him I was never worried, I just thought I myself “ oh shit, this guy has no idea what’s coming “ hahahhaha the good ol’ days. I miss him!

  10. Vessu says:

    Why ? Because it just was their natural pose , they just did it natural , for compering…you have to piss you just go and probably every time doing this in the same technique…like Boxing back then..when comes to fight…just automatically your body reacts and holding up hands like this…so why now boxers holding hands much different ? That's a very good question…and one word can answer this question in 100 ways…the answer is…evolution . so simple…. That's my opinion .

  11. Nicks Dumb stuff says:

    I have been wondering this for ages I’ve been looking into fighting back in the 1800s. I’ve got into boxing by looking into my family tree and researching names turns out one of my descendants are Jem Smith the bare knuckle fist fighter from England.

  12. Daniel McCallon says:

    This was a great find . I have a picture of my grandfather in this stance shortly after leaving Ireland before the Great Depression . I always thought what an odd stance. Wonder if he learned it in Ireland or the US. To the Romanian who wrote " irish were drunks". My grandfather was an officer and a sniper. Ireland was the first country to defeat the English empire. I will not disparage your people. But, we are proud of our roots. Something else besides a good ass kicking the Irish did well . The Romanians love their Catholicism, but few are literate. During the dark ages it was the literate Irish monks who transcribed the bible and rescued it while western europe was over run by invaders and all catholic manuscripts were being burned. To diminish the Irish with one word drunk is an insult. But truly I know the entire history of the Romanians, so I find your insult as no surprise .

  13. Da Dren says:

    Maybe the curled wrists are a kind of taunt lol. I never heard of the Palm strikes in that. Only palm strike with a fist I've seen is a hook in panantukan. Must be to protect the finger getting jammed and staying in fist for body shots. Worth pointing out one elbow down to protect liver. Not everyone knows that right away! 🙂

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