43 thoughts on “Fighting from a Vehicle

  1. Mike Sutherland says:

    Man I think these are some of the best and most informative videos on situational awareness and effective response that I've seen on Youtube. Great work Mr. Birdzell! Always very informative and instructive to watch your videos!

  2. Titanic Crest says:

    What you said is all very true. Unfortunately many of these scenarios had split second decision making involved and usually all these victims receive no training in you have Billy. The best defense in my opinion is to train and be prepared.

  3. 55varian says:

    Great shit buddy, idk what happened to the video quality compared to some of the other videos lol but I really really like how you showed tragic clips in this video and explain what they could've done instead of just showing clips of people who succeeded and just explaining what they did which is what I more commonly see. So good shit man.

  4. Gianantonio Zodiaco says:

    Hey Birdzell!? was wondering if you had a list of recc'd reading. the CMC reading list is a bit limited. some solid reads but Im looking to expand my reach. currently reading All Quiet on the Western Front and a book on Hannibal and Cannae. was wondering if you had any favorite leadership books or the like.

  5. rezdog187 says:

    Took a class on this it was eye opening how great deflection can be specifically through the windshield. When shooting out your rounds go high when shooting in low hollowpoints were the most affected fmj very little. Side windows are a non value as they are not safety glass. Either way get an old windshield and practice with your duty ammo.

  6. josh47j says:

    fantastic video! thank you for posting things like this. I have a great question, how do these thought processes change when your with your family? do you have any other methods or thoughts to give us for times with small children to move or how to move with them?

  7. Matthew Raetz says:

    No one seems to have mentioned it so I'll just go ahead and do so.
    "Hi, everyone, it's Billy Birdzell and today we are going to talk about…."
    Much better. Wasn't quite the same without that.

  8. TheUofAfan says:

    Billy can you tell me how you got your job at Remington? I currently do outside technical sales for a large Corp. and wanted to start putting applications in at places like Remington.

  9. Star Kicker says:

    I almost cut someone off but saw them in my blind spot and did not. They then got in front of me, and what I can only guess was a boyfriend on steroids, got out with a sheathed knife and told me to roll down my window while we were stuck in traffic. I wish I was carrying then because the look on his face when I would have brandished my weapon (in self-defense) would have been priceless. Or eliminating his bullying motive for good would have sufficed. He was much larger than me and had a knife. I, of course, did not roll down my window and he punched the glass. I really wish I would have called the police with his license number, but they were college students and most likely the plate did not belong to them. I always flash back to that moment and think that what if I had crushed him with my car into his car before he got to my window. Would I be at fault then? If I let him get to my window with locked doors, then he could break it out and it would lead to something serious for me. When is the right moment for 'legal defensive-retaliation' when it's just a showing of posture i.e. he open his door (leaves it open) and confronts me with a knife?

  10. Similus says:

    Hey Billy, I'm wondering if you've heard of the government lawsuit against EOTech and that EOTech lied and falsely advertised it's HWS capabilities? Could you please do a video with your thoughts on the matter and how this will affect your use of your EOTech and what you will be doing with yours? Thanks Billy

  11. Dario Ortiz says:

    Great advice Billy. The only crappy part of being in a situation like this that most men are family men. That being said most of the time the family(kids) is in the vehicle as well. That puts a certain restraint on wanting to leave the vehicle. I do agree if your on the move, keep moving. If your stationary, address the threat/s quick.

  12. Jamie Wiley says:

    also worth adding for most civilians/LE, if there is a crowd don't deploy a weapon. If you use the weapon you're going to get beaten to death, if you don't get away. No one carries enough ammunition to deal with those numbers of people

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