Fighting dirty

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46 thoughts on “Fighting dirty

  1. Gary Van Collins says:

    In real life there is no dirty or clean…only survival. Clean and dirty are terms used to describe actions taken in a game such as boxing, wrestling and the like. When it counts don’t think just do.

  2. DemonicCowGaming says:

    wing chun is a marshal art that is suited to anyone because it`s focus is; minimal effort, maximum damage. the best way to beat someone is to find out what certain actions can do, for example a kick can be accelerated to around 70mph on impact and bending someones hand down in a "Crain" is an easy submission; it is also used by the police.

  3. Alex Covell says:

    How do you defend against knives or knuckledusters? Obviously to block a punch would hurt me a lot more. Is there any way to defend, or even disarm and use it against them?

  4. Mo Jones says:

    My friends said that they want to see more aggressiveness and less seriousness they say your videos are more better to watch when you make them laugh I watch your videos to learn but other people enjoy entertainment lol

  5. Trippin Balls says:

    I fight to win… I don't care how dirty I have to fight.. simply put if the guy gets a lucky hit in I'm a dead man.. so for me a fight is life or death regardless of intentions.. so I'll do w/e I need to do in order to prevent harm to me

  6. Dimitrios Tempor says:

    Master Wong, I once had a fight with a guy twice than me and after I had hit both his kidneys with a fire extinguisher, put my finger in his nose and tore the meat out, hit both his eyes with the knuckles of my middle finger I finally had to headlock him in the ground to win. I hit almost every vital point in his body and he kept coming back at me, furiously. Even when I kicked him in his nuts he screamed "my nuts you @sho*le" and he kept attacking.

    I once was kicked in my nuts in another fight but I just sucked the pain and won.

    My point is that after you hit a vital spot there has to be a contingency plan. Do you have one to teach?

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