Fight Tip – Self-Defense Against a Bat or Club

Learn the secrets of taking on an attacker armed with a bat or club. These self defense tips will give you the best chance of winning a fight when your attacker …

16 thoughts on “Fight Tip – Self-Defense Against a Bat or Club

  1. reznet2 says:

    sweet spot is totally bs. take it from an engineer, the tip is the fastest and deadliest part and WILL cause the most damage but will also be the least controlled part of the stick. if you were to pound a nail into a piece of wood with just a stick, would you hit with the tip or with the "sweet spot" if you knew the stick wouldn't break? what an idiot

  2. dona 4him says:

    Your opponent Isn't gonna just stand there with their hands on their hips and let you attack them with a stick, I hope you know! They're gonna use their arms to block your swings, then take it and use that stick on you RETARD!!!!

  3. Ryan Kalinowski says:

    I feel obligated to point out that the 60-75% rule is incorrect. Physics tells us that the greater the radius, the greater the rotational force. The tip of the stick is the most dangerous. That being said, an unskilled attacker may be more likely to make solid contact with an area slightly behind that, whereas the end of the stick may land a glancing blow.

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