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In this video I am putting Justin to the test, I attempt to pick him up, throw him down and attack him from behind. His goal is to strike as fast as possible and not to …

24 thoughts on “Fight off a kidnapper | Kids Self Defense

  1. Jess Hatley says:

    Nick! I thought you should know that I had to scroll past 30 links of suggested videos "Up Next" list to find one of yours! That's after I found you in my subscriptions, clicked "Videos" and scrolled down to find this one to show my son again. That ain't right, my friend. Seems like YT is messing with you. There were unrelated links from channels I don't even watch above yours. That just ain't right…

    Keep up the good work. I wish you were closer…

  2. Safety Talks with Ali says:

    I love that he was not only striking but palm strikes to the ears and nose seemed to be his target. If you weren't wearing that mask you would have been a hurting unit! Good job little buddy!

  3. Soy Sauce Soup says:

    if the kidnapper picks you up, what you're actually supposed to do is (yeah you still smack the guys head) to swing your feet, head, or anything that can move to make it harder for the kidnapper to get you

  4. Touhoumomo 46 says:

    Humans weak spot ear balls neck eyes legs (pull their legs to trip them) do a lot of damage like jumping on them or tackle them or run or get ur phone call 911 then they are screwed. 😉

  5. Myko Qui says:

    Pfft screw that. If I was outside his van, I would keep him in the nuts and scram. If I was inside his vehicle I would punch him while he drives. Most likely would kill him and me or just injure us both but idc it's worth seeing him in hell… Or the next hospital room.

  6. Logic Bob says:

    Great video! Looking forward to seeing more kid defense videos. One thing I think is a good idea is for the kid to yell, "Not my dad!" so that people are less likely to write it off as a kid's temper tantrum.

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