Fight Masters – Silat; the karambit

This is a clip from “Fight Masters – Silat” and it shows one move with karambit, small hook-like blade that is tiny and deadly.

22 thoughts on “Fight Masters – Silat; the karambit

  1. Innokenti Orelov says:

    I love the karambit and how every move seems to be designed to hit the most vulnerable and dangerous parts of the body, like arteries. The perfect proof that size doesn't matter.
    PS: I am a girl. Please keep the dumb penis comments to yourselves.

  2. Velli1987 says:

    Being that the Karambit is my favorite type of knife, I feel sorry for the gung-ho Made in America only knife fans. They've obviously never seen someone get fucked up by someone trained with it. I'm sure if they did they'd want some Silat lessons.

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