Fight like Connor Kenway AKA Ratonhnhaké:ton Part 2: Tomahawk and Knife

Learn the basics of fighting like Connor Kenway AKA Ratonhnhaké:ton! In this video, we’re focusing on fighting with a tomahawak and knife combo, just like the …

32 thoughts on “Fight like Connor Kenway AKA Ratonhnhaké:ton Part 2: Tomahawk and Knife

  1. Daniel De Santiago says:

    I think that is quite possible to fight with a tomahawk against a larger and heavier weapon, but not whit that kind of technique, because in the blocks that the video shows you are facing the entire weight of the hevier weapon, so you may block the strike and the tomahawk will resist it but your arm wont, and if that happen you are gonna be hit in the face by the blade even if you block the blow, what you can do is to move aside at the time you block the strike of the blade, as seen in the video, the only thing is that in the video the guy do it after he block the it, in wich case if you cant stop the hit you will be cut.

  2. Romanus Dombroski says:

    Sorry, but no. A sword against a tomahawk… A sword is lighter, stronger, much longer, it would cut into the tomahawk handle or into you before you could even get close enough to strike. Tomahawks are used in war for utility purposes only. Those who fought with them (Native Americans), well, I have great respect for them, but we know how many battles they won against armies with swords and bayonets.

  3. Romanus Dombroski says:

    Come on guys face it, you would never be able to face a sword or a pole arm with a tiny axe and an even tinier knife. No human would have the reaction time to correctly "catch an incoming strike with the head of the tomahawk". Yeah, it's easy to do it in slow motion when your telling the attacker where to attack, but you couldn't do it if you didn't know when and where he would actually attack. And even if you did, a heavier weapon would just go straight through the wooden tomahawk handle or at least throw you off balance. And for those of you claiming that there are real Native American fighting techniques using these weapons, you are correct, but they were only used against OTHER Native Americans with the same weapons and tactics. There is a reason they lost every time they tried to use these techniques against invading foreigners who used more advanced and/or heavier weaponry.

  4. csgoBoii says:

    I need to watch all of this.
    I get constantly bullied at school, so i have to fight back.
    Even if the teachers say i'm an ass and probably give me detention for 7 months but idc.
    I need to be able to frickin fight back at those idiots.

  5. Daniel Moore says:

    The tomahawk originated in the Native American tribes and was originally made of flint or stone head and wooden shaft. It was the hatchet that began in Europe, learn your history before opening your mouth. And as for Conner's fighting Ubisoft had actual people who know how to fight accurately with the knife/hawk combo come in for mocap sessions so his fighting style IS realistic Native American fighting techniques. 

  6. Naomi T says:

    how realistic would you say his fighting style is. I thought it was a nice touch you said the rolling thing he does and the double leg kick are not good moves. 🙂

  7. drewandadamawesome says:

    These are all like other things that you can do with a tomahawk and knife but Ratonhnhaketon doesn't actually use these. One of the moves I've mastered is he blocks with the tomahawk and then cuts them with the knife to bend them over, then tomahawks the stomach and then finished with a strong chop down to the back of the neck

  8. Be a Game Character says:

    Hey, opinions differ, of course, but we always welcome criticism. Not that I think you'll be running around with a knife and tomahawk vs polearms anytime soon but do you have any specific reason these maneuvers wouldn't work?

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