Fight Ball with storage bag Reflex Punch Exercise Boxing MMA, combat sports, Reaction Speed Practice

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“Fight Ball” is a universal training apparatus for exact, strong impact. With it you can do in the gym and at home. Combat sportsmen of high level, such as Kostya Dzyu, Roy Jones, Vasily Lomachenko, Sergey Badyuk developed their lightning and precise impact with this training apparatus. Fight Ball “Granite Sport” is perfect for training children and adults, beginners and professionals.

Advantages of this sports equipment are as follows:
FIGHT BALL is used by sportsmen of martial arts: boxing, karate, wrestling, etc.
The sport training apparatus is presented in the form of a simple design with a tennis ball and rubber cord.
A wide strip of dark color, made of durable material, is securely attached to the head. The headband does not slip off the head, does not rub the skin, absorbs sweat, it’s easy to clean. Does not cause allergies and retains a presentable appearance for a long time.
A ball with a bandage is connected by means of a stretchable rubber band. It is lengthened and shortened when the ball moves. The elastic band is dense and wear-resistant.
Despite the compact size of the training apparatus, it is capable of 100% of “depleted” of man and actively work through difficult, intense strokes. With this training apparatus increases endurance, improves the master stroke and improves coordination of movements.
With this training apparatus can train everywhere – in the gym, fitness club, at home or outdoors. With convenient carrying bag, you can take the Fight Ball “Granite Sport” with you everywhere.
Universal sports training apparatus Fight Ball “Granite Sport” is aimed at developing the necessary sports skills such as speed of reaction, accuracy of strokes, coordination of movements, sensation of distance, attentiveness, endurance and concentration. Fight ball (gymnastic ball on an elastic band) will become an indispensable assistant for professional sportsmen and amateurs, adults and childrenBe the best in everything. The sports training apparatus Fight Ball improves: reflexes and reaction, speed and agility, accuracy and influence of impact, sense of distance, improves coordination of movements and concentration of attention, promotes weight loss and maintenance of good physical form.
Exercise anywhere. Fight Ball “Granite Sport” does not require training or a specially equipped sports room. You can work with the training apparatus in the fitness room, office, home conditions or outside in the park. You need only a small amount of free space.
Storage and carrying. The Fight Ball training apparatus is small in size, it fits easily in a backpack or suitcase, and thanks to a convenient storage bag you do not have to think about how to pack it better to take with you. Even on a long trip, the training apparatus will always be at hand and will allow you to stay toned. You do not have to stop training because of a sudden business trip or a long trip.
Benefit for health. In addition to the development of fighting qualities, Fight Ball “Granite Sport” can be used as an effective cardio. During the training you will constantly move. Otherwise, you can not dodge the ball or hit it. Because of the chaotic movement of the ball are strained eye muscles. To keep track of the target, you should concentrate and focus your eyes. All these actions have a positive effect on the work of the visual system.
For adults and children. Fight Ball “Granite Sport” – universal training apparatus, it is ideal for training beginners, amateurs and children (preferably under the supervision of adults). Your child will throw out all his energy on this training apparatus, while he will strengthen his health and improve the reaction, which will be useful for him throughout his life.


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