Fight at Local Office Turns Deadly | First Person Defender



In this episode: Our Defender confronts a fight in a parking lot. For your special USCCA membership, go to

10 thoughts on “Fight at Local Office Turns Deadly | First Person Defender

  1. Tpr0x says:

    I don't wana be that guy and arm chair quarter back but the only thing this guy should be instructing is a fire arms safety class. An instructor needs to be experienced, confident and has a firm grasp of firearms basics, and I don't see that.

  2. Check Mate says:

    I dont like how these people hold up their hand and immediately pretend to call 911. I had to call 911 once and suddenly I forgot how phones work.
    They should really have to actually call someone, say an actor who's phone number they saved as a contact on their phone as 911.

  3. skip davis says:

    fuck it. how bout we don't intervene in other ppls conflict. i only give a shit if a child or elder person is involved. if they clearly cannot defend themselves, i'll grudgingly step in. two guys in their 40's: fuck em. solve your own problems.

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