Fight Analysis – SUCKER PUNCH Defense

In this video Nick Drossos is breaking down a fight in a prison. And how to defend against a sucker punch. Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …

45 thoughts on “Fight Analysis – SUCKER PUNCH Defense

  1. Reagan Branham says:

    Love what you do, keep it up. One thing I will say however, your intro audio is much louder than your baseline audio, so many times I turn down the volume at the intro because it is loud, then have to turn it back up for the video. Hope that helps.

  2. Hector Cedre says:

    Hey Nick I wanted to ask have you done martial arts when you were younger and do you still do them today do you train and go to a gym or Dojo or anything my email is (

  3. Reeshawn says:

    Keep up the great work, Nick. Excellent series! Scenarios are real which make your videos so resourceful. Honest feedback here…turn down the background music. It's distracting at times. Until your next video, staff safe.

  4. swish007 says:

    well.. yeah i think that could help against a sucker-punch attack but what's WAY more important is the whole act of reading peoples body language and assessing a situation more deeply. also being hyper-aware of your surroundings and others. as soon as things start to feel weird, be ready to create distance FAST. i think you can get hit with your hands higher, and the difference speed-wise with bringing them up i doubt would be much bigger between the two positions. this is coming from someone who sparred a lot in martial arts training. i wasn't a super-great fighter or anything though (and don't mean to shit on anyone), just my observation.

  5. ramesh cs says:

    awesome video Nick.. great content.. learnt something new.. watched it many times to register it in my mind.. never know.. this kind of situation may happen to anyone.. this video clearly shows how to prepare ourself.. every video of yours makes me a more confident person.. as in makes me feel I too can fight when required n defend as well.. thank you my fight Guru..

  6. fujimi715 says:

    great vid as usual. although has to be said the second correction officer did a great job. he handled the bad guy by himself no problem and had the situation under control before backup arrived

  7. Wolfgirl 2603 says:

    Ik this is pretty much awareness but if the attacker were to get behind you and put you in a "choke"I guess, then put the gun to your head how would you get out? If you made a video for this it would be great.
    P.s I love the way you teach self defense, like not the fancy crap others do.

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