28 thoughts on “Fight Analysis – How To Defend Against A Gun

  1. Grigor Mortis says:

    I agree with everything in your video, except what you say at 2:09. Search for Funker Tactical's Criminals Don't Think Like You. There are hundreds of CCTV footage of perps holding someone at gunpoint with arms still and extended.

    Good stuff though.

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  3. Andrew Nicholas says:

    Nick that's exactly wot perp did. POINT THE GUN at boucer but perp was asleep or chose not to fire. Secondly( n I've observed dozens upon dozens of hold ups – sometimes perp holds in retention mode n sometimes points straight out in front of victims face. IT DEPENDS. Research Nick 😉

  4. BIGxBOSSxx1 says:

    The girl in the security outfit saw the gun and booked it instead of doing her job and providing SECURITY. Should be fired if you're not willing to do the job of protecting people.

  5. wimpymind n says:

    Not that its really a bouncers job to get killed to protect people, but the female security staff running for the hills at the first sight of trouble is stereotypical for a reason.

  6. melissa kammers says:

    wow the security lady noticed right away and ran…I would have ran and called 911! huge props to the guy on taking him out asap.  I did the medicine ball workout and some butt moves when I woke up! the guy helping u is cute if im aloud to say that lol also your arms look tan really good!

  7. Young Rugged And Raw says:

    Nick nice video again, can you make video about defending against a bat?
    One of my friends almost got beaten up by a drug addict with a bat 3 days ago, luckily my guy has some wrestling skills and managed to defend himself cause he was training it in the past, the attacker's higher than him not really sure about the weight it's either lower or same weight, the attacker's kinda skinny.

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