Fight Analysis – How To Defend Against A Brutal Knife Attack by NICK DROSSOS

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38 thoughts on “Fight Analysis – How To Defend Against A Brutal Knife Attack by NICK DROSSOS

  1. Maksym Shpolianskyi says:

    Sorry for my English.

    Some of your videos is really good, but some far from reality.

    Do not teach people to use the grappling against the armed opponent (not armed also), because we are never know the real power, real weight and other important things about our opponents in real life situations.

    What you can see, it is not always what you get. For example, I have 215 pounds but I don't look on this weght; I look smaller.

    Striking is the only technique to survive. Grappling – last thing for self defense. I don't talk here about psychology and awareness.
    Just think realistically.
    How woman can hold the arm the knife attacker?? What about the same situation with the regular 60 and older man??

    Same self defense should work for all people – men, women, young, old. Same self defense should work against
    all people – men, women, young, old.
    Same technique for everyone.
    If not – it is not self defens.

    If you will think that your opponent is stronger and better than you in all conditions – you will be better prepared. With this way you will know, that you always should carry something with you for self defense and you should know how to use it; you have to prepare the story for the future why you carry the stick or hummer or also. You should know the law – this is necessary; and it is good to know law.

    God bless you.

  2. drh kleinert says:

    Hmmm…the best anti knife moves dont look nice, maybe thats the reason why in all Martial Arts only nice looking but worthless knife defense is teached…nice in Dojo and Exam, but deadly on street.

  3. Walter AOD says:

    My friend was stabbed because some not nice guy wanted his money, but he is historical melee fighter and he had his chain armor under jacket. So he was asking the not nice guy *what are you doing man ? Look at my jacket! * then not nice guy runned 😀

  4. Chris Okeke says:

    No amount of skills can save u.. The best strategy to survive a knife attack is never let the knife puncture u more than once. Once u couldn't get to defend the 1st stab, take off and run away to avoid another stab. The biggest mistakes victims make is not feeling the first stab and decide to stick around to fight or raise their hands to stop attack.

  5. Ion Lucian says:

    Hey Nick, I havea heard that it is a very bad idea to defuse a situation by comming up from behind on somebody with a knife, even if he's a friend. Because in the heat of the fight he might switch the grip on the knife and stab you as well. Like in this video when you grabbed him by the collar from the back, that seems like a bad position to be in… Great video, I've learned a lot. Thanks!

  6. rhonda howard says:

    That's the scary thing, to most people a knife will feel like a punch at best but then before you know it, you're holding your guts in. And adrenaline is gonna make blood leave your body a whole lot faster, quickening the process of shock. It's not a joke guys. Situational awareness.

  7. A good fuck These days is hard to find says:

    Anyone carry a knife without a licence should be shot dead no questions Asked. You are a threat to society and you
    Must be put away. If you carry a knife you must want to use it. Which means you are a danger to life . You must be shot dead by armed police if caught carry a knife you must get electric chair unless you have a permit. If disagree you are either a thug or a supporter of crime.

  8. Fergus says:

    I like your ideas. We study Gracie knife and pistol attacks, but in reality, you are going to get cut to some extent. Totally agree … have to isolate and restrain the knife arm and then choose a takedown. I like to do your method where, when someone postures their leg back and reaches to their back for something, to shoot your arms all the way in and then go over their arm to trap it with the arm pit and tricep grip.

  9. Greg Letter says:

    If you're trying to stop an attacker that's attacking someone else, but they don't have a knife I like to use the rear scoop take down. Here's how to do it. From behind them you reach your strong hand between their legs onto their crotch area. And with your weaker hand you reach around onto their belly. Then you lift them up off the ground mostly using your strong hand and topple them onto their belly.

  10. alp cengiz says:

    Nick drossos based on my researches and martial arts practice i can honestly say that all martial arts are bullshit in real life scenario even mma is futile in street because in the street weapons are involved.There is nothing we can do against knife this unfortunately truth it is so sharp i feel strange when i see it

  11. Vesuvius says:

    I love that you have the knife wielder switch hands. There are so many variables a lot of videos miss. That video also shows something a lot of self defense videos don't cover. The guy is grabbing the victim with one arm and stabbing with the other. Stabbing usually isn't just some giant swing while the other arm does nothing.

  12. Georgie Man says:

    Right at 0:28 you can tell the man in grey jacket has something hidden up his sleeve.
    But of course, man in black shirt never realizes this. He brazenly charges in from behind the safety of the counter and confronts the one guy without keeping an eye on the other one. If he had been aware, there is a possibility of him running away or even using the other guy as a temporary shield to the knife attacker. Horrible awareness. He is already in the killing zone and by the time he reacts to the stabs it is already too late.

  13. Abhi Ach says:

    Hi Nick,big fan of your videos. You have always emphasized that the realistic training to prepare for the streets is what saves our lives. However, many a times we practice and learn in environments where we are not exposed or made aware of real threats in streets ( I realize that martial arts philosophy of avoiding confrontation is ideal, unfortunately we don't live in such a normative world). Your videos have always given us insights what we need to do in real situations to save our lives and that of our friends with us. I have a request, will it be possible to prepare some videos where people who have some training in various martial arts or self defense in different forms can impart their experiences in real lives, where they have used their specific skill-set/ forms? I know you have trained in lot of forms. It might be useful for us who do a bit of training how to use our theoretical knowledge in real situations. Thanks and best regards.

  14. galih 12 says:

    Like the way you illustrate the scenario. I'm a university lecture and going to conduct a short course of real life combat defense with my students..This simulation surely a useful drill…thx Nick

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