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31 thoughts on “Fight Analysis – HOW TO BREAK UP A SCHOOL FIGHT

  1. Nick says:

    I use a wheel lock in my car. When I get a bad feeling about someone coming toward my car (took martial arts almost 30 years so I trust my instincts) I get ready to use my wheel lock to try to smash them in the face until I can get away or get able to defend myself better. I also have escrima sticks behing my seat. In your opinion do you think the wheel lock aka the club or the double sticks will be effective?

  2. Strutter says:

    Nice video. I don't like to engage but use that jacket as leverage and move the guy. If he wasn't wearing a jacket the collar of the shirt is usually the strongest part of the garment.

  3. Kevin Reilly says:

    I'm a retired high school teacher. Throughout my career, I saw fighting in schools evolve. Early, fights were usually one on one but gradually evolved to a pack mentality. Fights seem to have moved to more attacks by one or more students on another student, but the most difficult situation in hallways is actually getting to the fighters. In hallways during a fight, a large group of students will actually gather around a fight making it difficult to get to–and sadly–at times–will involve other students taking free shots or kicks at either combatant–just for fun. This is truly a very dangerous situation for teachers because school systems (for liability reasons) are never clear about expectations. The system actually prays on a teacher moral judgment and willingness to protect students. I've seen some smaller teachers(totally disregarding their own safety–and many women) never hesitate to jump in to protect kids–but sometimes they get very little help from other staff. School systems seem to be very vague on this issue which I believe puts those teachers who have a genuine concern for student safety at great risk.

  4. Clevername209 says:

    Absolutely love this! Been waiting/searching for this for a long time! Been wanting to know how to stop a fight, especially if my friend is in a fight and his attacker has his back to me, like in this scenario. Do you think the facecrush with the forearm is likely to work even if they're bigger and stronger too?

    About the yank, do you think something like this rear sentry takedown 1:551:57 would work? Do you think it would require alot of practise outside of practising it like shadow boxing for someone who has a little grappling experience?

    Thanks for looking at my questions!

  5. Adam Rivera says:

    When your try stopping a fight please think about it first when you stop one person THE OTHER ONE WILL KEEP SWINGING so please dont because for one you dont reason the fight happened and you never know who is in the crowd AKA there friends so if you grab someone you might also get attacked so if there is a fight going on stay back mind your business and if you feel as though you have to help the other person call 911 dont be a hero and get lumped up cause this is all bullshit what do when you got the man in a headlock and his friends start swinging on you? Tell them you was just trying to stop them from fighting? HA they will jump you because you look like you tryna jump they friend

  6. Zen-Dragon says:

    Great subject, I've had to break up semi-serious (on the verge of turning serious at times) fights a lot of times with the youths I work with… I use calm verbal communication as well, haven't gotten hit and I think I do somewhat what you showed, but I may not have been focused enough on not getting in the middle, so good reminder 🙂

  7. Rena Larymore says:

    Rena,s son here. Earlier this year something similar happen like this in my Nana and paste yard with some entoxicated family members that I heard them yelling from my part of my grandparents yard very similar to this video only difference is they weren't down on the ground and on was wanting to fight and the other other didn't this video reminded me of that night this vid was very helpful for me to improve on securing the situation better st breaking them up and other you've posted on calming down the situation at hand. Thanks Nick.

  8. MaccuFNS says:

    It reminded me of a situation I had at school when I was 15. A Girl started screaming at me for no reason, then she started hitting me hard, I hit back… with way too much power, she went down to the ground, the guys standing close to me started to fight with me to protect women I guess. I got mad, started hitting all of those guys. Someone bear hugs me from behind I turn around with my elbow aimed for the head. Somehow I managed to stop it when I noticed it was the teacher.

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