Fight Analysis – Defense Against Stomps (Halloween Edition)

In this fight analysis, Nick Drossos beaks down a prank gone wrong and how to defend yourself from multiple attackers on the ground and stomps. Subscribe to …

27 thoughts on “Fight Analysis – Defense Against Stomps (Halloween Edition)

  1. l Shamon says:

    Great info Nick, as always very informative. Funny I noticed this video was staged as well. At the 2:20 mark the dude in the back is clearly pulling his punches. Regardless, a shitty position to end up in. As you always say, self awareness is key.

  2. Rick Davidson says:

    What self-defense experience does this guy have? It's clear to me that he doesn't really have any. He's intentionally vague about it, which proves to me that it isn't actually as experienced as he intimates. A double ankle sweep would work perfectly here and allow the guy on the ground to get on their feet.

  3. Conan Chi says:

    Some say the fight is staged, and tbh it does look staged at some point. But to be fair if you decide to bring baseball bats and sledge hammers out on to the streets and scare people with them; somehow I feel like you're just looking for trouble.

  4. The Real ZMP says:

    I asked for a video about defending against clowns but now it's the clowns that have to defend themselves xD. But aside from that, I know this is just one situation where you might be fooling around and get these guys but it could also be just a regular walk on the street and then suddenly someone attacks you or more than one guy 😀 great Fight Analysis videos tho

  5. Matheus U says:

    The question here is; IF you make it up and able to run, and your 2 friends still laying down.
    What you do? Run and leave them, or back to the fight and risk getting kicked down again. ;););););););););) Think about that boys

  6. Damjan Visnjic says:

    This is great as always. I remember when I was in self defense class we did the drill called the boot party where I would be on the ground in fetal protecting my vitals while being kicked and stomped by a group for about a minute or so. The whole point of the drill was to get familiar with it and survive. It would suck getting kicked and stomped by shoes even though they didn't use much or full force.

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