Fear of Fighting



JOIN THE HERO PROGRAM – Fear plays an important role in a fight and Dr. George Giannou explains how fear works. Thanks for …

22 thoughts on “Fear of Fighting

  1. Crazystuffyousee says:

    I think one fear of fighting is not knowing if you have the capacity to defend yourself after engaging. I was in a couple fights when younger and was surprised by how ineffective their punches were, so therefore I've always wondered how much strength it takes to fight…..which keeps me from engaging.

  2. Terence Alexander says:

    I like the vid. I don't have a partner to workout with so I use my B.O.B dummy an heavybag. I try to move, block,duck,strike an mimic self defense as close as possible. I realize no situation is written in stone.

  3. Strigon418 says:

    Thank you so much for making this video. Two nights ago, a scenario came up where my life was threatened and after everything had resolved, I have been left feeling like I could and should have done something more. Nobody was hurt physically, and it could have ended worse if I would have tried to fight him without knowing any disarming techniques. I called the police and they ended up catching him very quickly. I feel like after watching my this video, that I made the right decision. Thank you for helping me understand that pride and ego aren't everything, and in dangerous situations, your brain is the most important thing you have.

  4. George Knight S. says:

    I fear what I can do to the next person. is funny how life is but when it is family you kinda forget about your self. well at least with me. I can avoid if the situation is with me, but when is with my loves ones you cross the line. so I guess is more like afraid that a demon can just take over you kinda like the hulk when he gets angry.thats my fear..

  5. selfpolicing says:

    Good video! There are three more things I think you can use to handle fear in a situation. They are nr 1: do the internal self talk like " I can do it ". " I dare to do it ". Nr 2: get angry ( you will not feel fear when you are angry). Nr 3: take action for exempel; attack, attack and attack your enemy if it is a fight. To handle your fear is everything. Mindset before techniques. Thank you. Take care!

  6. patrick walsh says:

    That was not any kind of informative, not was it educational. I would of thought it would of entailed something I could bring to an altrucation. Not something I take away and ponder on. My opinion: Not very scientific or benificial.

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