FEAR No Man!!! Living Without Hesitation – Train for Reality!

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10 thoughts on “FEAR No Man!!! Living Without Hesitation – Train for Reality!

  1. eduardo navarro says:

    shit made me laugh, when he called him self sasquatch..ah but yeah I really like this video and feeling you know?, thanks to all this videos I'm gonna keep on training till i can't no more

  2. Christopher J Headrick says:

    Thank you for explaining that many people unknowingly train to be the victims. That to strike FIRST after you know that there is going to be a situation that you can not walk away from doesn't make you an aggressor. Many people are told and trained to wait for the attacker to make there move. In my experience as a 7 year combat arms solider is the first strike is often incapacitating. I truly believe that understanding this can help people save their own or other peoples lives. Thank you again.

  3. Bob Lake says:

    Wise words.

    I woke up to martial arts late, in my early 40's.  I did jiu jitsu for 5 years until I got hurt and life took me in another direction. Nevertheless, that 5 years changed my entire outlook on life, sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes in not so subtle ways.

    The biggest change was, as Luke says, an increase in confidence, a decrease in stress.  I have come to believe that martial arts should be taught in school instead of stupid gym class, or at least be an option, besides hockey, football and basketball and whatever other sport they try to get students interested in.  The benefits to young people would be tremendous, giving them a solid base from which to face the world.

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