Fastest way to sharpen a DULL knife!

48 thoughts on “Fastest way to sharpen a DULL knife!

  1. Darren Smith says:

    For someone with experience this can work (I have the same set up that I use for sharpening my machetes and lawn mower blades). As for knife sharpening for a beginner I personally would not recommend this. I have a collection of knives ranging from Mora's to Randall's to numerous other customs and several more commercial knives. I use Ceramic sticks that are mounted into a wood base…you get the correct angle each time and you do not remove as much steel as with a belt sander and an absolute beginner can use it. For my Scandi-grind knives such as the Mora's and a few others I use just a Diamond stone. Majority of my knives are: D2, 01, ATS-34 or 440C

  2. matthew hanak says:

    Hey +deermeatfordinner love your vidoes. My buddies dog accidentally ate the buffing compound once and it got him sick, so watch out for your dogs! Keep on being great!

  3. Randy Wiggins says:

    Thanks for this helpful video on sharpening. I was getting my knives ready for processing deer and was looking for a faster way of removing the factory edge. I didn't realize you made knives. I'm gonna go check your site!

  4. Julio Quiroz says:

    I watched tons of your videos, and they're always so awesome to watch, keep doing what you're doing its great, not a lot of people have consideration for the great outdoors!

  5. boobam says:

    rounding the tip with that technique. the theory is sound but if you care about your knife, slow down and get it right. a few more times of sloppy technique and that knife is going to be ugly

  6. Nathen Wallis says:

    Here is the belt I use for finishing the edge. It's a vinyl belt with a 9 micron diamond layer on it. You don't have to use any compound, it takes less time, and I have gotten hair whittling edges using it. cPath=1_145_151&products_id=5914&zenid=a37d8654568ee51767ce77c2f5ca9506

  7. Cliff Barnett says:

    Paul block sharpener all of swamp people cast use it, ted nugent uses it. Moutain men use it, And several celebrities use it as well. Couple passes and your hair shaving sharp.

  8. Cody Bryant says:

    im not good with belt sanders and stuff when it comes to sharpening but this did give me an idea, i was thinking of using a file since i dont have alot of time to spen on sharpening but i like to sharpen up my blades anytime i leave the house. just put a decent edge with a file and then use the stone and save alot of time

  9. basskrieg says:

    I went out and bought the Harbor Freight 1"x30" sander (used a 25% coupon too) and then ordered the 400, and 240 grit and leather strap from Amazon, and it all worked great! Meat cleavers, pocket knives, etc… all hair shaving sharp! Thanks again Robert!

  10. James Ritchie says:

    Yes, that will sharpen a knife, but if you aren't extremely careful, it will also ruin the temper.  You can't sharpen a knife with a the edge of a window, either.  You can hone it, but not sharpen it.  But a stone and do it right.

  11. Awsum Guy says:

    i would subscribe 1000 times if u just made a whole vid just shaving ur body parts with that sharp knife. i mean that sound it makes is just…. majestic

  12. Jamie Deem says:

    thank u brother for the helpful tips and man I'd love to have me one of them gorgeous knives wow bro they r pretty damn awesome knives welp thanks again bro.

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