FastActionBlades is Back – Knife Throwing Mini Compilation



FastActionBlades is Back – Knife Throwing Mini Compilation A compilation of throws for Slanginwithmrcooper on Instagram. Go check him out.

12 thoughts on “FastActionBlades is Back – Knife Throwing Mini Compilation

  1. Buried Axblade says:

    DUDE, your beard! I have a white scragly but it's growing! I'm a freaking janitor at a grocery now. Hired 2 days before the ANNOUNCEMENT of shut down, house arrest. Glad I got my uniform in time! Now I can go anywhere I want and say I"m headed home. I have a fantastic dog Scarf that likes "to dance" he also walks on his back feet okay. Not Dance with the Stars, but he's good. I'm often on Trutherseeker2020, he just went live, for the chat. I get in trouble for being anti-troll.

    Right now I'm praying for bud in VT who is being stymied in his ability to see his son. You want some mention too? Miss watching you and him. Not like a father, like Backyard Cutting brother. I bet you are thoroughly red pilled, check it out, I GOTS ME a Mainerd! as a roomie. And a "Rottweiler", I think he's a crocodile kelpie from Australia, but he could just be a mutt. Awfully well trained for a homeless dog though.

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