FAST STRIKE Non Lethal Self Defense Weapon – Easy to conceal carry or hide – Perfect for Women and Men – Extended striking distance and light weight – Better option than knives guns stun guns

Price: $22.95

The%20ONLY%20Honest%20Make%20Money%20Offer%20You'll%20Find WHAT SHOULD YOU LOOK FOR IN A SELF DEFENSE PRODUCT? A non-lethal option that is easy to use, provides extended distance between you and your attacker, can be rapidly deployed, can be conceal carried and will be effective and ready if ever needed. FAST STRIKE is an impact weapon that can be effectively used by anyone with a simple movement of the arm or wrist. The extra length of the striker will allow you to maintain an extended distance from your attacker which is especially important for women. The FAST STRIKE weapon is easy to conceal carry inside of clothing, bags or back packs. It can also be clipped to items such as purse straps or belts for easy access. Weighing only 3 ounces, FAST STRIKE is perfect for any situation. FAST STRIKE deploys in a fraction of a second and is always ready to use. No worry about dead batteries or empty pepper spray canisters. This product is ready when you need it. FAST STRIKE is capable of delivering severe blows and will cause extreme pain, possible broken bones and probably lacerations to open skin. The incredible tip speed and small cross section of the striking portion focus all the energy of the weapon to a small area on the attacker. For close quarter combat situations, the back end of the FAST STRIKE handle is reinforced and will deliver devastating blows. This striking feature is capable of lethal damage under certain circumstances. If you are looking for Simple and Effective Self Defense, FAST STRIKE is the product for you.NON LETHAL SELF DEFENSE WEAPON WITH INCREDIBLE STRIKING SPEED The tactical weapon deploys in a fraction of a second and allows the user to strike fast and deliver multiple blows in rapid succession
FLEXIBLE BATON DESIGN WITH SPRING STEEL CABLE REINFORCED STRIKER provides the user with maximum striking velocity. The small size or the striker focuses the energy to a very small area on the attacker for maximum impact. The high strength plastic handle is also a brutal impact weapon.
SIMPLE SELF DEFENSE FOR WOMEN AND MEN This product requires no special training or special techniques to be used effectively. A better option than knives, stun guns, fighting sticks, tasers or expandable batons.
SMALL SIZE IS EASY TO CONCEAL CARRY Weighs only 3 ounces and can be hidden inside of clothing, clipped to multiple types of purses, bags or pack packs, or simply thrown in a car. The handle clip gives the user many options on how and where to carry the weapon including the option to wear around the waist or attached to a belt.
EXTENDED STRIKING DISTANCE FOR ADDITIONAL SAFETY Fast Strike allows you to keep distance between you and your attacker. Other products like stun guns or knives are close combat weapons and not the best choice for women. Fast Strike is a great choice for women due to the extended striking distance, incredible striking speed and small size.


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