FAST Defense Knife fighting

Nobody wins a knife fight. But this clip shows what to do when using a knife is justified, at 3 different levels of intensity. It is NOT Hollywood stuff.

25 thoughts on “FAST Defense Knife fighting

  1. Daniel Malloy says:

    This type of training is absolutely viable. Basic movements to take out an attacker trained until a reflex response and tested under adrenaline dump. Knowing your strikes will incapacitate and disable an attacker allows you to go for it without hesitation, because he who hesitates is lost, especially in a knife fight.

  2. Brian LO says:

    SLASHING DOESN'T WORK . My friend is a cop and he said , he didn't even realise he was slashed until someone told him he was leaving a trail of blood . 
    When the adrenalin is pumping , you simply CAN'T feel the slash , it HAS to be a lethal stab . 

  3. Steve Zorn says:

    I neglected to mention…the BEST knife defense is not being there in the first place aka running away. To stand and try to fight a knife attacker when escape is a viable option is dangerous and stupid.

  4. Steve Zorn says:

    Having a bigger knife doesn't guarantee anything and you forget two important facts 1) you must know how to use the knife and 2) you must be able to deploy it under stress while being attacked. Most people that train with the knife rarely pressure test deployment during the adrenal state. If they did they would know it's not as easy as you claim here.

  5. Brady2k10 says:

    i dont give a dam what the police say, what the fuck are the police gonna do if someone walks up to you and attempts to stab you? they wont be there to help, its about survival at the end of the day, and if you got a big knife then you will most likely win, or atleast something to even then odds, i quite like those baton things the police use to smash through windows, you flick it at the handle and it expands, pure metal as well, like a metal stick and easy to conceal

  6. Brady2k10 says:

    imo the best knife defense is.. always carry a bigger knife! seriously though if someone pulls a knife on you, and all you have to rely on is a technique the odds are stacked against you, if someone really wants to kill you, they arent going to go all slow like, letting you catch their arm, they'll do whatever it takes, so the best knife defence is have a bigger knife, and use it, but if you pull out a bigger knife, chances are the other guy will fuck off

  7. lordscrub says:

    @digby72 I knife is for killing people plain and simple. you should never stab someone unless you were prepared to kill them, therefore if you take your knife out your going to murder someone and it's a lot easier to get that work done if you don't tell them in advance that you have a knife. A knife is not for "self protection or defense" it doesn't call the cops when your in trouble the only way a knife is of use to you is when you use it to take out the other guy

  8. Bill Kipp says:

    Hi JKIM,
    Thanks for the kind words. We in FAST agree with you 100% that this should be taught to everyone, and that it is our responsibility to reach as many people as possible!
    I hope to train with you someday. Onward, BK

  9. John Kim says:

    Amazing, amazing stuff you are teaching your students here. Combines all the right, key fundamentals most important in a dangerous, stressful situation into a simple system that anyone can learn very quickly. I believe 100% that this is the type of self-defense all ordinary citizens should partake in. Keep up the great work, and I hope to get the opportunity to learn this awesome system myself someday.

  10. NoiseMostBeautiful says:

    Freeze and flail is a very good description. Much the same in scenario based firearms training. You'll find your perfect score vs. paper with no strees goes way down and you're just shooting, knifing, or fighting to survive. No one is really prepaired to coment or weigh in unless they've been "under stress" in drills or actual combat before! That said 🙂 these guys are holding up pretty well, nice job!

  11. Bill Kipp says:

    I agree with pretty much everything you say. But you are missing the point of the drill. Adrenal stress training as shown in the video is an assymetrical training paradigm designed to affect particular responses for the students. Effective scenario based training is not always about exact reality, but how to effectively take a person from point a to b. Here the affect was to allow the students to focus the adrenal rush into action vs the common freeze/flail response that most people fall in to.

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