fantastic defence against punchs (Grand Master Kang-jun) (Korean Martial Arts)

This is Gongkwon Yusul’s Seongdobon program. Gongkwon Yusul(空拳柔術) is composed of law(法), tactics(術), skill(技)and Samwon (三元). This is the basic …

33 thoughts on “fantastic defence against punchs (Grand Master Kang-jun) (Korean Martial Arts)

  1. Mart Maameele says:

    Nice mix of different techniques. Only the strikes are old historical pattern "long fist" strikes as in (nonsport)karate etc. – its impossible to control/stalk boxing blows in traditional way – and all the moving patterns are in west different – there is not such "armstretching" from the low stance in modern western fight.

  2. Gareth Lindsay says:

    I liked the first move you did in this video do you specialise in judo/jujitsu and taekwondo? I love all the videos that you have on your channel. I was playing resident evil 6 while I was on leons mission he did that exact same version of a shoulder throw in the game.

  3. plaedien says:

    As the guys above have noted, this is slowed down for demonstration purposes. I can tell you from first hand experience that Master Kang is VERY fast when he's doing this for real. You most certainly would not know what the hell was coming if you tried to hit him…Gongkwon is as real as it gets

  4. TheShinobi32 says:

    @homevideowatcher78 I guess you think everbody can fight like him Mike most people cannot even fight good and would get demolished by this guy there are over 2,000 moves in hapkido so this is just a small portion of what he knows.

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