FALLING Into the DEFENSE BASIC ADVANCED SILAT Suffian Maul Mornie The awesome MAUL MORNIE shows HOW TO FALL Into a DEFENSE against an …


  1. 7outofthebox7 says:

    But again, your art cannot save you, so you cannot "trust it".
    You are empowering it based on correct training, not it you. How do you know your training is correct and realistic. How can you win a trained person when you never had a real fight with one?

  2. cynik75 says:

    1:05 – NOT PROTECTING THE HEAD, opponent rotates and easily throws left hook
    2:48 – opponent attacks like nobody in real life, and then stops moving – is this an example of "real life and death altercation"?
    8:15 – who the fuck punches like this?

  3. Atkrdu says:

    Maul, what would you suggest in case you need to keep things quiet (I was wondering about people doing things in a hotel/church/etc & how to take him down without letting him get a shot off).

  4. VINTA VLOG says:

    silat was 13 century founded i am not sure which place but silat are many style but only one are same ilmo..authentic silat practitioner you can found in armm area in mindanao Philippine .sabah malaysia Brunei and indonesia thailand part as well ..very lucky guro maul showing the world about silat but honestly speaking silat are prohibited to teach out side of tribe or family

  5. VINTA VLOG says:

    thats why our ancestor told us y are not allow to show or teach out side of the family becos silat art for self protection for your family for ur country ..maul just telling you real concept of silat practitioner

  6. Mr. Hodges says:

    I love this video, I love the breakdown of Silat vs the other styles. Keep up the art and flow. I would love to train under Suffian Bela Diri Maul Mornie.

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