Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife and Sheath



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16 thoughts on “Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife and Sheath

  1. Charlie Wallace says:

    WoW.  60 odd years ago a friend of mine – we were 13years old at the time – turned up with one of these, brass handle/brass tipped scabbard,  we played with it but since we couldn't get a good edge on it, it was traded for some piece of junk —  I don't remember what but I bet his Dad was mad when he found out it was gone,  Sorry, how were we to know………….

  2. White Kita says:

    Question,….I collect knifes/daggers…. do you know of any good quality knifes or daggers in neon or other bright colors who are not too expensive? It seems the so called good quality knifes only come in boring colors like black or brown or grey.   🙁

  3. TheBazFella says:

    Thats a beauty, Mike; if you got copped carrying it round you could tell the pigs its a 'Fairbairn-Sykes Debating Knife' lol. Im not really a knife person as you know but I do like this. Can you get the tip re-done? Or would you? Baz 😉

  4. Weaponsandstuff93 says:

    Great knife, how does the knife handle in say comparison to a KaBar as lot's of people argue which of these two were the better fighting knives.
    Looking at this though the Sykes looks like it would penetrate much better.

  5. Serene Madness says:

    It's funny you showed this, I just got one..I'm putting together an Vintage OSS Field Spy Kit…It's gonna be Awesome, I will do a Video when I finish it..Most likely in a few months…My Best

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