FAIRBAIRN & SYKES – Fighting Knife



Sykes-Fairbairn design dagger made by Reg Cooper of Sheffield, England. It is a reproduction of the famous WWII era Commando knife. measures 12″ in length …

16 thoughts on “FAIRBAIRN & SYKES – Fighting Knife

  1. Fone Star says:

    Cooper knives look a lot better. I had a Nowill knife and the quality was shite! They couldn't even mount the hilt properly, it was 1/32" off center from the tang!

    Going to go for a genuine WWII issue next, most of the post-war stuff looks like something the Pakistani janitor did on his lunch break.

  2. Argus Panoptes says:

    /cnt the spec is bang on, all dimensions and balance point etc. It feels fantastic in the hand. A very nice tool to own. Am chuffed with my 3rd pattern example of British little mestery. Thanks RC.

  3. Argus Panoptes says:

    This afternoon, while shopping around for some surplus police clobber for Halloween, I asked about a Fairbairn Sykes and where I could get hold of one for my collection. The owner of the store had one very second hand example to hand which after a bit of negotiation offered to sell remarkably cheaply. It's exactly like this one bit not in as good nick as yours. The edges are particularly keen though and can cut paper easily on the drop. Is yours the same? I'm very impressed with this and the/cnt

  4. Cdn0069 says:

    I collect FS knives. This model appears at first glance to be post war. The guard is too thin, the blade grinding is too machined, and the sheath is button pressed and not sewn. Hard to tell though from that video.

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