Fairbairn and Applegate conducting OSS Training at the Unite

This introduction of ‘The Fairbairn Fighting System’ at Camp X in conjunction with input from many highly skilled Instructors with various …

33 thoughts on “Fairbairn and Applegate conducting OSS Training at the Unite

  1. Patrick S says:

    What I like about Applegate and Fairbairn is that they were in a War situation. They couldn't afford to muck about. So the stuff you read now, is the stuff they were telling soldiers to do in real combat situations. And the feedback they got was positive. It worked. The most pertinent information for modern people is run away from a knife. My god, how many good people have been destroyed trying to stand up against a knife. You're not a coward, only an idiot stands up against a knife.

  2. James Smith says:

    I imagine you could, but I know what works. I don't need to spend time and money finding out what else might work.

    I know the system works. It's saved my life and countless others have used it effectively.

  3. James Smith says:

    This is great stuff thanks for posting this classic video. If you want to want to learn these techniques along with drills check out the Self Defense Company on youtube. There is a lot of great stuff so you can learn this classic effective form of combat. It worked then and it works now.

  4. don vincent says:

    techniques like garotting, gralloching (which is a method of gutting a deer-but they were practising to do it on germans!), lip splitting and ear ripping were never put in to any form of book or manual as i can tell but tehre are war diaries and memoirs of commandoes who were taught these techniques-google Major R F "Henry" Hall BBC Personal memories or go to-bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/user/45/u1740845.shtml & bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/stories/38/a4544138.shtml

  5. don vincent says:

    to get as full an example of the fairbairn method in print, you'll want Fairbairn's Defendu/scientific self defence, get tough/all in fighting, fairbairn/syke's shooting to live, the soe syllabus (then taught at campx and to oss) and Kill or get killed by rex applegate, who was trained and taught by fairbairn and sykes

  6. blurfist says:

    @blutobelushi Yeah I interviewed the Nazis about faribairn and they all agreed that all the Nazis had grown up knowing about about fairbairn and his gangster methods. They would annualy get together at bonfires just to talk about good ol' fairbairn and his ruthless techniques. They even had a Fairbairn day where all the Nazis would sit around discuss/ and have fairbairn workshops and talk tough.

  7. Thesocraticbreed says:

    @blutobelushi Search Hans Tolhoffer… he is not known to many because his works were lost for a long time.. and have only been recently recovered within the past few decades…. but, he was a Holy Roman EMpire combat master… very prudent too… his close combative moves are extremely practical.

  8. bulldogzkmf2007 says:

    @Wargoat6 Good job there mate.I understand he was the Grandmaster of Defendu …then E.A.Sykes and then Rex Applegate.The system is STILL the best ever devised for destroying a evil antagonist.Amazing to think about.
    RIP to all these men and our great Allied soldiers who died in that awful War.

  9. Tenshiyami13 says:

    And old nazis wonder how allied agents took out so many of their bases….get them to watch these vids and they'll see why….good to know we had one of the top fighters ever on our side RIP Mr Fairbairn

  10. EGRJ says:

    "The gentle art of murder"

    Immediately followed by telling the soldiers to gouge their opponents' eyes out and hit them in the balls.

    Ah, British understatement. I love it so..

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