Facing an Aggressive Guy in the Streets

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37 thoughts on “Facing an Aggressive Guy in the Streets

  1. CK_85 says:

    Either he's hiring the best actors that money can buy or he's hiring guys who have done that stuff for real in the street and are trying to turn their lives around.

  2. Alfred Punkers says:

    It's true, getting your positioning right is the hardest, when they're mad, pacing around unpredictably, and flinging their arms about.

    Something that could work (I never tested it much)… is making it more predictable in your favor. By deliberately giving them a "weak spot" which they will probably attack, you being ready for it, and getting one-up on them.

    You could let them go round the side, and duck at the same time as you're expecting them to throw a punch, even if they're not actually throwing a punch (you can't actually tell, because it's out of sight). If it works, then you've caught them off balance, and you've got a chance to level them with the ground. If not, it just keeps going.

  3. stormy says:

    I LOVE this detail!! Myself, I'd be immediately ACTING like a scared, pee my pants little wimpy, not dangerous at all person until HE moves into the position I could use to my benefit…for the surprise. There is no way Jose I'd ever be able to use anything else to my advantage…but surprise. Gotta imagine an act! Now your guy Nick, in this little skit WAS WONDERFUL. His acting was superb! I don't imagine for a minute I could hit him with a fist and make a difference. I will be focused on ripping off body parts, poking out body parts, breaking fingers (well, first would be the gun or knife in their hands) and USING MY TEETH. I'll throw up, fart, pee, cry like a banshee, tons of tears, pulling my hair professing submissive postures and then explode!!! Just imagining and writing about my responses is good practice. In fact, just writing out what I would do puts me right there well, as close as I can get without being in the real situation. I hope this helps me…and others? Thanks…I am on to watching more!!

  4. Panspermia Hunter says:

    A guy like that is going to kick off because he thinks he has won already, personally I keep them at arms length and strike before he does, preferably with a head butt but failing that probably a right hook followed by a volley and finish with a flying head butt if needed.
    Truth is I avoid fights as much as I can but someone like that I strike first and very hard, I am only a little guy so am a target for fools who always underestimate me, so Ive learned to deal with them. good luck

  5. qwertyman459 says:

    I don't like drunk scary people, I had a guy push me thro a crowd and it was scary, he was like come ill knock out come on. my bro came in out of no were and smash his head in, I love my bro hes there when you need him. I don't want to fight in case I killed him, cos you don't know how to control all the rage in side. im afrade of my self.

  6. Asoka Mano says:

    Had I been dealing with a guy like that in a real situation,it would have been over almost right away. He didn't have his hands blocking his head and his whole body left wide open. If after 3rd time of saying I don't want to fight and he continued to show he wanted to or aggressive I would have knocked him out cold with a left hook to the jaw.

  7. Daniel Malloy says:

    Good defensive hand positioning and verbal defusement but that is taking way to much aggression. If you step back and give a verbal warning to stop and he continues aggression that is enough cause for self defense. If you let him talk to much and agitate then there is more chance for him to gain courage and positioning for a strike . Let him walk into an open hand strike and end it

  8. Joe Smith says:

    you already lost…you let him get too close………i say stay at least three feet if not five feet away at an angle…..so you always have the chance to defend yourself

  9. Akira Ito says:

    Saw a fight happen right in front of me on the train today. I would have broken it up if it weren't for my freeze response. I would like your help and advice on what I should have done and what I can do next time. I know my moves but they get thrown out the window during situations like this despite my previous street fights. Plz help.

  10. Akira Ito says:

    Very good stuff. Half the fights I've been in were losses due to fear. I realize now that instead of being afraid I should get angry and use that anger to pull me through the fight. I think I lost my fights because I am a defensive fighter and don't like hurting people. Thanks to you I now have the confidence and knowledge to stay safe and protect myself and others.
    My move list-
    Edge of hand
    Palm heel/slap
    Eye gouge
    Would like your advice.

  11. Gigi Pizzuto says:

    Another good point that you forgot to mention, but you did very well, you never let the hands of the aggressor gain the center. Once he gain the center position with his hands it becomes hard if not impossible at that distance to avoid being hit.

  12. ghostkillah Killa says:

    I was waiting for you to hit him and you didn't and I thought what was the point of that he didn't do anything. It wasn't till you started talking and I watched it back again that I realised what you did. Great vid.

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