Facing 2 Attackers – Knife Defense Drill

Self-Defense Helmets: ▻ If you are facing two attackers, not knowing which one of them is …

10 thoughts on “Facing 2 Attackers – Knife Defense Drill

  1. Kirk Philippou says:

    Hi Nick, Great video. If recommend carrying pepper spray and practicing deploying it. It's the modern day Ninja's black egg. They used to be made out of hollowed out and dried eggs refilled filled with crushed glass and crushed up pepper seeds then resealed with a piece of moisten rice paper . When you threw him in your attackers face they would be stopped in their tracks. You could blast them with the pepper spray and finish them off or run. Just try to sense wind direction and position yourself with the wind towards the attackers.   Thanks for all of your great techniques, Sensei Kyriakos NYC

  2. Ian Van Gelder says:

    As an instructor, I agree 100%. You can teach forms all day long, but in the "real world" you never know what going to happen or who is going to do what and "style" goes out the window. Everything is about the "form of no form", adaptation. I teach all of my "friends" (I won't call them students, because they teach me more than I ever teach them) exactly what you're saying… sometimes "that's just how it happens".

  3. flag1090 says:

    Great drill. Can you please do one where you show when to strike first to make the knife or gun person defend. Because in a real situation you should of attacked them as soon as they stepped up to you.

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