F.I.G.H.T – Knife And Gun Defenses and Disarms

Defending yourself from knife and close gun attacks. DISCLAIMER: View, read and understand disclaimer at beginning of this video. This video is for …

29 thoughts on “F.I.G.H.T – Knife And Gun Defenses and Disarms

  1. Kenneth Ramirez says:

    I appreciated the lessons but i think its more better if you show the demonstration and take 2 slow motion.. Since we're not there personally we just listen in the words and we learned nothing hahaha

  2. Santiago Maskaraque says:

    Krav Maga effective system for protection service people is very effective. An escort is the security professional, public or private, specializing in VIP protection, expert in close combat and weapons specialist well are these knives, firearms and conventional and non-conventional weapons, but should primarily and It is trained to minimize any risk. Should for basic training, a course and exam training. In Spain, it is called bodyguard to the person, not professional and not enabled who is hired by an individual to accompany him unable to bear arms or exercise own an escort duties.
    Also it called escort, in general, to all persons, vehicles, ships or aircraft jointly perform the mission of escorting something or someone
    also is the military escort that protects commanders, admirals, etc and Gender Violence. Santiago shalom

  3. Michael McQueen says:

    It's amazing how hard it is to find people who actually know what they're talking about (vs people who make things up based on faulty logic because they either wanna be the expert without doing their homework or think they understand, but don't really).

    This guy's means might be a bit too much blunt force strength on strength action for my taste (which really is up to personal preference as long as you understand what it is you're trying to do, to be honest), but his ends are spot on!

    Everyone looking to protect themselves from armed attackers (or anyone who thinks they can teach such things) should see at least the first 8 minutes or so of this and take the ideas and reasoning he presents to heart!

  4. Deshon Pieters says:

    After reading all the comments, it appears that you guys think every other guy with a knife is a skilled knife fighter. most people who use knives to attack victims are punks. Not highly trained knife fighters. If he was highly trained, he most likely knows the damage he would inflict, and avoid it all together unless no option. This video is solid on covering the basics needed for any beginner. These applications are actually battle tested unlike other knife fighting styles out there. Meaning some Israeli just used this shit on some Palestinian last night… so get your panties out a bunch n stop insulting the video just to praise your own shit….

  5. IronMongoose1 says:

    He's wrong about using a knife against a knife, of course. (Search "Functional Knife Defense" on youtube and click the one with the guys standing in snow for a thorough explanation and demo.) His seemingly "favourite" reference point will not work against a much bigger, stronger attacker who's really fighting you, while some other two-on-one controls will serve much better. His static knife defenses are pretty decent, and similar to the sort of thing we did in Blauer Tactical in the 90's (though he doesn't really flesh out the drills–it's more a demo style of video). Gun disarms seem good–I haven't ever pressure tested those exact ones, though. 

  6. clearcombat says:

    Knife attacks are like sucker punches, you flinch if your lucky, get hurt, and bleed.  Always check your surroundings, carry pepper spray, take off your belt if time warrants it, throw spare change towards the eyes, scream " he has a knife", run like hell.  This coming from a lifelong martial artist and instructor.

  7. nomamao says:

    His first five and a half minutes is stuff I say to anyone looking to learn how to deal with a knife attack. While I'm not a big fan of GRABBING THE KNIFE ARM AT ALL, he is basing that kind of mentality against someone that fully commits on knife attacks, and it's not a skilled attacker. So, it's ok, in that context.

    But, what happens with a real knife attacker? You get fucked up. Simple.

    The first five to six minutes of this vid is a must for all the idiots out there that think they have a clue as to how to deal with experienced knife attacks.

  8. Mike Wayne says:

    How in the world do you kick to the groin when his right leg is forward?  It seems like that scenario would be much better for a stomp to his knee, then a transition to the point of reference.

  9. Terry Bishop says:

    Great ideas against someone who is not experienced with knives or who goes into rage and commits himself to swinging.I use these but I use Kali knife defences against someone experienced.

  10. lycan2500 1 says:

    Against a experienced knife fighter, do not grab a hand, he is correct… If you have no weapon, seek body control. Keep in mind, you will want to neutralize the knife arm (not hand) as soon as possible and keep an eye out for the blade AT ALL TIMES. He can switch the hand. If you have no other opponents, go to the ground. If you know self-defense BJJ, this is ideal.

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