Extremely brutal knife defense..not for the faint hearted!

46 thoughts on “Extremely brutal knife defense..not for the faint hearted!

  1. Wings says:

    good luck trying to even fucking comprehend self defence when there's a knife to your throat.. you're all going to get killed being heroes lmfao, give the cunt what you want and go home alive, or end up in a body bag, your choice.

  2. Trevor King says:

    Some are good, but some are drawn out too long, for example when trap the arm a quick arm break, a quick slam to the ground.. stomp to the groin, something like that.. must be quick not so many techniques. on the road he could have his buddies near by to stick a knife in your back. Be quick and vicious.

  3. Derrick Carter says:

    Yeah but a real knife fight when that blade come down on your armed you are going to be demobilized thing to do is if you see him with a knife get the hell out of Dodge I away have a knife on me but if some one wanted to knife fight me again I will get the hell out of Dodge

  4. bee pot says:

    Ya that's pretty brutal when the guy welding the knife isn't even struggling to get out of a lock… I'm Ok with this martial arts demonstration with hand to hand or competition or just for fun but this will not work in a REAL knife fight. Most times you wont even see the guy who knifes you in the side 6 or so times then runs away. Knife fights are Savage and so quick, you don't have time to step in grab wrist, do a disarm, ect ect. Best knife defense is run if you can, know that your going to get cut or stabbed and if you don't your like 1 in a million lucky!

  5. Nole Delgado says:

    That looks like a very effective self defense. But I have a question: After blocking the opponents arm when he stabs with a knife, why not punch him in the face instead of taking him down?

  6. Nishidake says:

    Interesting demo, but it relies heavily on the long arm bar. Your odds of controlling someone through a long arm bar, unless they're injured or much smaller than you, is slim. It's just too easy to escape.

  7. Kevin Randall says:

    There are some really good techniques here, foundation/prep work and response under pressure/adrenaline is always key. But I'd prefer to show it from what most of us call ''the prison shanking'' method. Where a somewhat skilled, large guy is just continuously jabbing full speed toward you… I've learned that waist down kick/strikes while moving around quickly works well before you move in for a take down… Just my two cents, but still a solid video… I was always taught K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. The more effective and simple it is, the more practical..

  8. bigj408CDL says:

    Love your material Peter. I follow you on facebook also. I love the ballistic aspect you incorporate into your tactics and drills. What is your background???

  9. T S says:

    Problem with 90% of all knife disarming techniques are that if the other person actually want to hurt you, and is equal or stronger then you are, your going to get seriously hurt if you try to disarm him/her. In such a case its better just to try and disorientate the opponent and make a run for it. If that is impossible. Make yourself look as little a threat as possible to look for compassion in the opponent. If there is none. Find a way to incapacitate the opponent in the most aggressive way possible and hope that unless you actually succeeded in incapacitating the opponent he will now be the one thinking of running.

    Either way. If a robber look as if hes actually capable of making use of hes weapon, its better just to give up your valuables. Just a cut to the hand might take years to rehabilitate.

  10. windsofwaste says:

    Your attacker will not stand still while do your kata. I dealt with someone who was armed with a box cutter. I was able to take him out but I still got cut, and to this day I still don't remember exactly what I did to disarm him.

  11. MastaGambit says:

    Tripping the back of the knee seems like a good mid-technique, but only as a follow-up to safely trapping his arm.  And that only works against people who have their knife-hand forward: i.e., horribly inexperienced knife-users…

  12. Sean Callahan says:

    As an expert in this field, is see that practically every one of these defenses are well thought out and effective (there is no way to be perfect in knife defense so I can't say that). I do however have to say that it is an absolute terrible idea to go to the ground with a knife. You cannot see where the knife went and you can't move how much you can on your feet. Aside from that good technique

  13. drh kleinert says:

    And: Try to use any item if possible, anything to protect your forearm (scarf, t-Shirt for pull around etc), any maybe an item as a weapon, Newspaper, Umbrella, Stick, bag, bottle whatever is possible. But most important: Try to run away.

  14. drh kleinert says:

    Knife defense is the worst and hardest thing because even a small failure hurts really bad in real attack. The key is to counter on the hardest way possible, no joking, no play. The attacker can and will KILL you or hurts you to make you invalid, so EVERY counter is allowed. Destroy him.

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