Extreme kali knife fight from Death Grip

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43 thoughts on “Extreme kali knife fight from Death Grip

  1. Al Stone says:

    This is awesome dude. I found this scene whilst I was looking for a Filipino equivalent of the raid where they use kali instead of silat. Not sure if that's what this is but still such a badass scene!

  2. thestray says:

    I have this movie on DVD, it's brilliant, I have Contour as well and will probably buy all the other dvd's eventually. Eric, and the rest of the Stunt People crew, I am really rooting for you guys to keep doing bigger and better things. Your work really reminds me of all the things I like most about Jackie Chan's stuff, which is as big a compliment I can ever pay you because I'm a Jackie Chan fanatic. It's clear you guys have learned all the right lessons from Hong Kong style cinema. I dream for the day we can see more of this kind of stuff in American films.

  3. Neo Remjay De Mesa says:

    +jim loop idiot pala ah pumunta ka dito sa pilipinas ipapakita ko sa sayo ang tunay na kali yaan mo di ko pupuntiryahin mga pulso at throat mo pero mabubura yang mukha mo sa puro taga 't hiwa at saksak na madadanas mo! Tangina ka ah

  4. jim loop says:

    i dont see any of the filipino action movie using their own marshal arts the kali way! one of the reason is there idiot and gay film, second is they dont know what is their original marshal arts even how its fatal and reality it is, they only know the karate that they usually watch in the foreign film, they are all bunch of idiots!  

  5. Eric Jacobus says:

    Some Hapkido in there (the 2-stepping) and some Arnis empty handed stuff, but if I ended it quickly then it'd be a 30 second fight, and I wouldn't be getting all the gigs I'm currently getting due to this fight.

  6. takeshikitano3 says:

    Most definitely one of the highlights of the film. And hey, the insanely shocking and brutal end to this scene isn't in the clip, so I can freely post this to my Facebook page, yay! My god you guys it was so fucking nasty but great.

  7. sai18kit says:

    That white guy is either a wing chun martial artist, or is played by a stunt man. His move is superior. It can't be learned by an average actor in a matter of months. It takes at least 3-4 years for a genius

  8. TIMEaintMONEY says:

    Yup the movies sucked so much the bourne books were 100000 times better nn i am loving forien films right now k20,
    the man from nowhere, the company man and the raid redemtion just watch them all back to back can you recomend any more movies like these??

  9. DeltaJulietPapa says:

    Fun cooriography (far better than I could hope to produce) but not a terribly convincing knife "fight" (I rarely see anything on the screen that impresses me though). Also, doesn't look very "Kali" to me; is it "Kali" because knives are involved or is the cooriagraphy based on Kali?

  10. MASKED FIST says:

    God bless you Eric for giving us some of the best choreography in films. From what I've seen, fight scenes in this film has way better choreography than "The Raid: Redemption." This film should be a lot more popular. Can't wait to see you kick some ass in the next season of "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" sir.

  11. sabre926 says:

    Now that's what I call Fatal tactics right there! And you guys are using real butterfly blades for this fight…sweeeeet!

    Can't wait for this one to come out. 🙂

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