Extrema Ratio | Factory Tour Exclusive

Learn more about this amazing knife manufacturer here: Extrema Ratio makes some of the finest, sharpest and most durable knives in the world. They carried by some of…

23 thoughts on “Extrema Ratio | Factory Tour Exclusive

  1. Mr X says:

    Fantastically made video.

    I very much appreciate the fact that their motto is to produce a product which one can depend on when their life may be on the line, and thus you receive quality over cheapness, and I feel that it shows when you see their contracts for knife production for the Italian Army!

    I considered the Glauco B1, and the original Fulcrum. Maybe one day soon I'll pick one of these up, and I'm sure that I'll be pleased with my purchase.

    Lifetime guarantee, what more can you ask for when you receive quality?

  2. david drake says:

    I love extrema ratio knives but I wish they used a little higher quality steel. Like m390 or k390 and vanadis 4E. It appears a lot of American knife Enthusiast that's their only complaint about extrema ratio is the quality of Steel versus price point

  3. PREDATOR says:

    Che ogni lama taglia così é una cagata pazzesca, io ho tre extrema e solo uno ha il filo degno del nome gli altri due no quidi non dite cazzate. Magari dopo averli riaffilati si ma nuovi no e contando quello che costano potevate impegnarvi un po di più.

  4. lou s says:

    It truly is a work of art. I've carried benchmade, microtech, zero tolerance, hinderer etc. all are junk compared to the extreme ratio MFO I'v carried for a month now, n690 steel is unbeatable. Keep up the great work

  5. GAUROCH2 says:

    Well, I recently bought a Schrapnel geo-camo and liked it so much I ordered one for my son's birthday.I'm not the best fan of tactical knives, but Extrema Ratio oozes quality, is very strong and has that extra oomph italian design!

  6. Mr E says:

    Im a outdoors person and like we know knifes is the bushcrafter tool, and tools are made for an specific application that is why we have so many of them for cover different needs, same with knifes, the magic tool does not exist and the magic knife either. I have used a lot of knifes out there, and I mean a lot but I keep in my bugout bag 1 Morakiev for light use, 1 Benchmade bushcraft s30v for general craft and 2 Extrema Ratio (one Doberman IV for heavy use and one 39-09 Etiam if I need to protect myself ). Extrema Ratio is the real deal in this days. For serious purposes stay away from Chinese junk.

  7. Kon says:

    i am so getting the kh and ks, need to save up first, and ill take a stainless blade over a high carbon if its the same hardness any day. also the cold steel gurka kukri has a bad handle. heard too many wobbles and rattles on that knife. ERs kukri though looks badass

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