extraordinary: the stan romanek story



Stan Romanek is the center of the world’s most documented extraterrestrial contact story, and the multitude of evidence accumulated over the past decade has …

31 thoughts on “extraordinary: the stan romanek story

  1. Cowboy Stevo says:

    STARSEED? That was the best the Greys could come up with?

    Um… peeping Tom ETs? Seriously? SMH… Had the MUFON network truly been engaged I can't believe they wouldn't have had every type of technology available to them monitoring this guy's home and surrounding area 24/7. Certainly would have been able to get better video evidence than what was presented here. And more than just two. I mean… come on. NOTE: When claiming people from '30' other vehicles are watching the same phenomena, you might want to show a shot of these other vehicles. Just a tip to help you improve your next fabrication…

    And your average High School kid can photoshop aliens and faces into a picture better than these… yikes…

    Sorry Stan… but you make Scientologists look reasonable and sane…

    I'm neither a believer nor disbeliever of visitations and 'UFOs'. There is some really intriguing stuff out there. This ain't one of them. I keep an open mind as I would be thrilled to know we are not alone. But to be honest… my thoughts are if there are beings visiting us from other parts of the universe, we would never know they were here. If they have the technology that allows them to cover vast interstellar distances, they can effectively hide from our rather primitive technologies. Unless they are just messing with our heads… or filming their own 'Jack-Ass' movies… 😀

  2. Brian Roberts says:

    I'm not sure what to think about this?
    I believe that ' something ' happened to this guy but the story might be embellished to make it more interesting or real.
    Maybe its the format? I've not watched anything produced in this manner.
    Something definitely happened to him. It could even be the government doing this to people. Its not beyond them.
    They went so far as to put LSD in the water out in LA maybe, California for sure.
    Back in the 60s maybe? Is all documented.
    This is weird for sure.
    The more I watch, the more I think it was real EBE contact.
    The leg thing convinced me.

  3. Paul Zerovnik says:

    The trouble with Stans Experinces are that none of it is Christo Centered. It's the age old lie spewed out ages ago in Eden, you can be like God and you don't need God to accomplish it. You can do it your/ Our way with U.S. helping… meanwhile we sexually violate men and women to birth more evil entities…. We will corrupt the human race….

  4. Taft Brown says:

    U tube was just asking for $$$$ for this now it's free,,, and degraded this man,,,everyone try to play the blind eye,,it's a shame to think that we are alone in this universe

  5. J G says:

    My guess is he's doing this for attention. Just because there are "sores" on his body doesn't mean he's not doing to himself! I think this is total BS! Not to say that aliens aren't real, just so much BS out there and people trying to scam others!!! I can't watch anymore of this tripe!

  6. Clara Rod says:

    Andrew says im not nice i suffer
    And there is no being nice to something so undeserving
    Make sense
    As in "oh your food is for abduction?" Like what he did was right on target

  7. Clara Rod says:

    Alcohol litetally means i dont want it
    In angelhood
    Im drunkest but it doesnt mean i partake in earthly drinking which i said 3 years ago is wrong… But of course the stupid bitch says i cam have midget babies and stretched stomach and overwieght and unrecognizable so i can drink………. In his dumn ass world

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