Exposing The Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan (Hisham Al-Haroun)



Exposing the truth about the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan and his background, skills and Kung Fu. A MUST READ article about the impressive connections of …

42 thoughts on “Exposing The Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan (Hisham Al-Haroun)

  1. Danny C Illumini says:

    Very good video. Thank you for sharing. Respect. Tai chi and kung fu are brilliant martial arts. But nobody teaches them that way any more. Nowadays it's all about the holistic understandings and beautiful movements of moving meditation.

    That's not a bad thing on the one hand but at the same time if you want combat effectivity in a martial art it's always either mma krav maga or muay thai.

    Karate is totally awesome…..but….. Though an absolutely brilliant martial art. The simple fact of the matter being at the same time there are so many cringeworthy karate schools out there and as many as there are stars in the sky thats a harsh reality right there. Needless to say word not just from me the world over literally.

    Aikido. What horseshit. And I mean what true and utter horsheshit all of it, all in all. Shouldnt even be called a martial art. All those ridiculous compliance moves and pitifully choreographed techniques. Not even worthy of watered down tai chi in a hostile situation I swear. Bloody fake martial arts and money laundering fools.

    Also stay well away from bujinkan as well. They are the laughing stock of the whole martial arts world like you would never imagine. No kidding at all. Not even worthy of watered down tai chi and non contact aikido in a hostile situation I swear. Bloody fake martial arts and money laundering fools.

    For anybody who doesn't know, bujinkan is not ninjutsu. Its a watered down and utterly bogus imitation of traditional ju-jutsu called taijutsu. There is a major difference and a thin line between the two.

  2. Juergen0202 says:

    Impressive and motivating to see that there are still masters out there who preserve the originally art and it's effectivness. Both in Boxing and Wrestling. As the Master ist located in Taiwan and used to train Miltary and Police Forces, I wonder if he also got in contact with Lo Man Kam? A Wing Chun Master who is said to train the National Police SWAT-Teams in Taiwan.

  3. Mako Shark says:

    It is bewildering how everyone talks wrongly about Kung Fu.. ,what you experienced"and Bragging about" is no way close to what really exist and they don't want you too know.. I opolgise and say that you've been shown the wrong Knowledge .

  4. Chongmolangma says:

    The first video clip I saw of Master Hisham/Yushan months ago, a sense of fear and wariness came out of nowhere from deep within. Even though his demeanour was of calm and friendliness.

  5. Benjamin Pujols says:

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  6. caviteboy304 says:

    Did you delete the comment about the word expose after you replied to it? Because I'm trying to read your reply after getting the notification that you did and I can't find the parent comment. I'm just genuinely curious as to what you said in the response

  7. Nicholas Napier says:

    Excellent video this guy is worthy of much teaching I would love to get trained by this guy I'm 51 years old and I still have to desire and a hunger to want to do this the kind of job I do is really extremely physical but I work at late at night like 1:00am in the morning to 9:30 a.m…. I was just like to take a whole year out of my time to go to learn with this man.. fantastic the discipline involved in it I spent years in Colombia and I should have been doing that that was a country I should have went to…

  8. Mike Kok says:

    I could actually digest all he said and mentioned. Surprised he was telling you all those stuffs. Normally these talks are reserved after they learnt his method of Kong Fu . It's is to me only after would want to know why or where it could lead you to. Learning QiGong wasn't easy once it opened up did I wanted to know more about how, why and where it'll , could lead me. Developed my own curiosity about it. Without knowing what was the underlining reason one would not go far . Neigong isn't a necessity but qi gong is. Neigong was developed for fighting not for self healing. Qigong was. My 2ccents worth. Been practicing qi gong for the past 4 years and intends to for longer.

  9. Frank X says:

    Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua- if they trained with the grandmaster in goldenbell, daoist palms (training and hardening the hand completely), and religiously trained these two along with lohan gong before a fight. Would these three still be allowed to box? Talk about immensely strong, invincible power esp. with personal training in person by Shigong Jiang Yu Shan.

  10. JOSEF'S WORLD says:

    Your videos about the Master Jiang Yu Shan are very interesting and Amazing. I am also from Berlin and in the same age like he is. But sadly I had never the opportunity to meet him in person. I had practiced Judo for almost 7 years in the fight school "Chikara" in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Maybe he was also in the same fight school between 1978 till 1985. Your channel is great!

  11. ali j says:

    A great documentary….thank you for opening the door and introducing the master to us. And The title " exposing" is a bit strange to me. I have heard this term only when people want to show something negative about someone.

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