Explosive Self-Defense Drill with AllStrike

AllStrike from Quest ▻ This is the explosive self defense drill performed with the AllStrike training tool from Quest. With a training partner, …

16 thoughts on “Explosive Self-Defense Drill with AllStrike

  1. Dagomxrider says:

    I usually like your videos but this is by far the worst technique you've demonstrated to date. That just looked absolutely silly & would only be effective against someone with zero training experience.

    Yes Mike Tyson broke his hand in a street fight once but you would've been unconscious & he would've had a broke hand …just sayin

  2. Relentless says:

    Hi nick, im a big follower of your channel and your system in general, but there is this only thing i cant and i will never agree with you on, and its the palm strikes, i mean, its good to give one or few to the jaw in form of a hook, but in a street fight i prefer punching like a mofo, i´ve conditioned my knuckles to that doing hand closed bare knucles explossive push ups in the paviment, i know some soft guys would say im messing my knuckles or my hands up, but is au contraire, once you got use to it, you feel your hands like bricks and you get less chance of getting wrists injuries in fights. I have been doing this excercise for years and believe me it´s totally killer, besides it works all your upper body very well, btw i do street workout so you gotta know my hands are not the hands of a pianist, lol. Anyway believe me, these two bricks i got here have never failed to me in my street altercations…. The guy i punch in the face the guy that gets an automatically cut, a broken nose, some teeths out or ends up sleeping in the floor… Im not saying im a badass, i got a lot of things to learn and that´s why i´ve been following your channel for years. I think you´re the best self defense instructor in the net and maybe outside of it. Your drills and your advices coming from your street experience have helped me alot, more psychological than physical, its just the palm strike thing that i still think it doesnt suit with my style. I can consider myself as a brawler, and after watching this vid, i really didn´t like how those palm strikes of yours looked, all your other strikes were excellent you are really a guy not to mess with, but the palm strikes…mmmmm… Sorry man you should replace them for punches. 

  3. vShoTzZ25 says:

    @Nick Drossos
    It makes me wonder how vulnerable your fingers are with an open hand strike? If your opponent was to grab your open hand he would easily be able to snap a couple fingers.

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