Ethan Becker discusses kukri knives

Ethan takes us through his personal history with the iconic kukri knife, as well as a look at the evolution of the famous Becker handle design.

33 thoughts on “Ethan Becker discusses kukri knives

  1. Devyn Mykal says:

    Everyone thinks they know what they're talking about. Everybody that's been to big 5 with they're mommy to get ballet shoes & walked past the knife case & all the they think they are a knife experts & are actually ignorant enough to try to correct a man that owns his own company & has been making and designing knives for 50+ plus years you know how dumb & ignorant that makes you people sound? Your not even Weekend warriors fuckinn wanna be pee ons just go back to eating your mom's ass & let the real men talk about blades men with honor & with respect for those with knowledge that took 60 years to aquire. Go on now im sure your moms on all fours waiting for youu.

  2. Cloud Seeker says:

    I always wanted a Kukri. I came back from Scout camp yesterday, one of the leaders we shared space with had a handmade Kukri and it was awesome for what we did. So I figured that now that I have a job and the money why the fuck just not buy me a Kukri. I am hoping that Becker Kukri is as awesome as I am hoping it will be.

  3. Patrick Patrick says:

    I am 70, raised in the Air Force, then active duty until retirement. I know a bit of something, but, I entreat all folks, of all ages, to pay great attention to the wisdom of your elders. This video is full of fascinating truths. Thank you, Ethan!

  4. Jacob MacLeod says:

    I'd love to know more about the older looking one that's "'quite thin" that he picks up at 4:27. It's beautiful and looks very well made. I kept trying to study it for the rest of the video. It's exactly what I'm looking for and having trouble finding… Thanks for sharing!

  5. Two Bears Bushcraft says:

    I have been using Kukri's for 30 years or more. The type that has an actual bend in the blade chop a lot better than the kind that has the continuous curve in the back of the blade. Both are real Kukri designs just from different places in Nepal.

  6. James Hart says:

    If you buy a Kukri from Nepal, a good shop. The steel is hand selected from truck leaf springs, Mercedes Benz being the best. I bought mine from Khukuri House of Themel. Very well made, and fitted.

  7. great gurkha khukuri says:

    first you need to check the sharpen tools (CHAKMA ) whether it is strong then the blade or not if it is not strong then the blade it wont sharp your blade and ( KARDA ) will be razor sharp if it is not then it is no use of it must be razor sharp like the blade one

  8. Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh? says:

    the banana shape of the kukri has nothing to do with affecting the speed of the swing from the wrist. the kukri is a solid object so it makes no difference. you're applying concepts which apply to flexible tools, like flails and nunchucks…. it just doesn't work like that with a solid object. having it bent doesn't affect the impact speed at all, it would need to flex in order to change or affect the impact speed.
    the kukri is bent the way it is because it eliminates vibrations and resonance moving from blade into handle. vibrations propagate radially in all directions in a linear fashion, so by having the kukri bend it makes it more comfortable to use. pretty important on a short and thick blade whose resonances are totally different to a long thin flexible sword or longer, broader and thinner machette.
    that's also the purpose of the notch in a kukri…. stops vibration resonating along the edge to the fingers. the notch itself provides a weak spot in the blade which may be prone to cracking due to cyclical fatigue stress… so to preserve the integrity of the notch and give its root some strength and reinforcing, they leave a long prong in the middle of the notch., it's all very smart engineering.

  9. Michelle Lamb says:

    Hello Mr. Becker, I have a Nepalese Kukri and am quite fond of it. there are a couple of questions I'd like to ask: What are the two small knives in the sheath for and where can I get a Kydex sheath The knife has a very thick black leather sheath with a brass tip on the bottom. It's OK but I don't want to use it in the bush because it might get wet and ruined.
    Michelle Lamb

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