Essential Self-Defense Tips: Double Wrist Grab Release



In response to a comment on the wrist grab release video Sensei Anthony Britton demonstrates how to get out of a double wrist grab where two people are …

31 thoughts on “Essential Self-Defense Tips: Double Wrist Grab Release

  1. Erin Averyt says:

    How do I protect myself from an over head attacker I had someone who tried to drive their fists into my skull all I could do to react was put my hands up above my head and removed their fist from above my head any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Fitness X Pro says:

    Why not just kick one of them in the groin and now you have to worry about one attacker?Β  And checkout my youtube channel for some "REAL" Women's Self Tips where you'll learn to poke the attacker/attackers eyes, bite their windpipe, knees and kick them in the groin (balls) etc…!Β  I guaranteed you're going to like itΒ  : )

  3. derrick nalley says:

    I could see your attempt at faking out the grip of the attacker. The problem I see is that if I'm attacking an enemy my grip is going to be maxed from the start. I don't think most attackers grab assuming someone is weak. Is going to be full strength and both hands. 2 hands vs. Her 1 she will lose. Carry weapons and practice. Simply shaking off attackers isn't a good anti rape technique. Sorry to be telling a bjj chap this but it's poor advice. With all due respect.

  4. Laced3cross says:

    While any information to tackle this problem is good and defininitly better than having nothing to use i cant see this working for myself. I ripped a muscle on my left shoulder and you are just inviting me to rip it to shreds some more. Why not use aikido's solution which is to turn writs into the empty space between index finger and thumb of the hand holding your wrists and gently pull into that empty space. No strength needed at all

  5. Brian West says:

    I do have to like that they show the guys going down when she hits them… One thing I learned in street fights you have to learn to adapt and over come the un expected very quickly lol

  6. Valyn McNeil says:

    I like these videos – for one it beats standing there and being a victim who just takes it…Like in the "movies" – I'd rather know this then know some man is forcing himself inside of me against my will or into doing nothing at all out of fear… Thank you for these post I hope to see more…

  7. VTV SD says:

    That is passive thinking. If two attackers take hold of a woman's arms, they've already committed themselves to the rest of the rape or mugging. the maneuver demonstrated here however, will not work for all the reasons mentioned above and below. Side kicks to the attackers knees will work but may not guarantee a release. Continuous kicks while wrenching her wrists forward (between thumb and forefinger) will. Then run. VTV

  8. Tyler A says:

    and what do you do after you're out? one hit isn't going to put them down (even if it does they'll get up) now they're just even more mad, and chasing her with more hostile intent

  9. PleaseElaborate says:

    Guys, this isn't a "these guys are gonna kill you right now" scenario. It's a "these guys are just trying to hold and dominate you right now so they can do stuff later." Honestly, any and every item you can put in your bag of tricks increases your chances of getting out of a sticky situation. Don't be so quick to dismiss a trick that could save your wallet, if not your life.

  10. Jack Hodson says:

    @ProBroSkaters You watch too many movies, this shit doesnt work, it hasnt been tested in real combat situations some guy just made this up and teaches it to silly believers like you.

  11. Jack Hodson says:

    haha bullshit. when are two attackes going to simultaneously grab your wrists and just watch as you wriggle around KO them and run away. If your a woman and 2 guys attack you your best option is to run BEFORE they grab you.

  12. Fran S. says:

    All the techniques this sensei is showing in this videos are terribly bad. Isn't it obvious that it's impossible to perform this movements without the attackers to take counter actions? Please, mark my words, NEVER FOLLOW THIS TECHNIQUES, THEY ARE INCREDIBLE DANGEROUS!!!

  13. ChoChoDef says:

    How about 2 kicks towards both kneecaps? The wave wouldnt work if the opponents are too strong. A bust to the kneecap hurts equally, no matter how big you are.

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