eskrima tomahawk and bowie knife

this is my blue print for basic Tomahawk and Bowie Knife usage.

13 thoughts on “eskrima tomahawk and bowie knife

  1. Mr Wolf says:

    I've practiced throwing my hawk and practiced on an old hanging tire. I also have a good but in expensive bowie. Only reason I wanna stay good w the is cause I may run out of a ammo someday if im still around in the final days of man

  2. don baker says:

    Great video! Just wanted to say that the hawk was made for Escrima. If you can come to grips with the weight wholly on one end you can do most anything. Striking with the edge, beak and beard gives you some excellent combos and a twisting Abanico would be pretty sweet for trapping and disarms Thanks for some really good analysis!!

  3. wmpyr says:

    thanx bro, exactly like you said, FMA is a blade art, but it's also the art of improvised weapons. stick is a generic shape, we train with the stick so then we can apply those techniques to other weapons/items we find.

  4. hyuugaamida says:

    watch?v=ocuDfZxpq6w This vid starting around 2:00 shows one of the more traditional methods (with some Chinese thrown in) for this weapon combo. Unfortunately these guys stopped making videos a long time ago 🙁

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