Eskrima Knife Fight with Shock Knives

I’m the novice in the black, the dude with the army shirt is the pro. I failed horribly when I dropped my knife, everyone was laughing.

4 thoughts on “Eskrima Knife Fight with Shock Knives

  1. Nikola Tesla says:

    He is not a pro. He left his knife hand too low. Just charge in and grab the knife hand while stabbing and slashing him up. If you take him by surprise, his only reaction will be stabbing upwards,right into your grab.

  2. ThePeacent says:

    That stabbing at 0:48 would render him unable to keep fighting much longer. After that stab just hold defensive position until he's too weak to fight and falls on his feet…blood loss from a stab wound to the spleen is really quick and catastrophic, and if you miss this organ you would probably puncture one of his lungs if the knife goes deep enough.

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