Eskrima Double Knife Drill | Filipino Martial Arts



Beginning your Double Knife training? Here is a great drill to get you started. Advance your training with my Online Kali Training Academy. Enroll today at …

28 thoughts on “Eskrima Double Knife Drill | Filipino Martial Arts

  1. Adri Algera says:

    I carry a handmade hunter knife, handmade boot knife and two pocket folders, Leatherman, a small bear claw and allways a hand made neck knife, I am from South Africa, enjoying your videos!!

  2. Jamie Smith says:

    Gerber DMF Manual, tanto. I would love to EDC my Spyderco Endura (gen 1) but the lock gets activated by my hand so it is not safe to use without conscious effort… not ideal for JIC stuff.

  3. Roger Williams says:

    I carry an 11 inch blade bowie in belt and a CS Luzon in belt. Not sure if I am the only one that practices Kali with a Bowie, but I'm a Texan, and now that it's legal here, and a part of my heritage. ..and an incredible fighting design, I will carry it all my days.

  4. Rich Bullock says:

    Great video, good instruction. I carry two knives on me daily. One for defense and one for general EDC tasking. I carry an Emerson/Kershaw CQC7 Karambit-style tanto blade or my Emerson Karambit for defensive purposes in my support side front pocket( I’m a Left-handed shooter, but right-handed with a knife). Then I carry one of my many Benchmade knives(w/ a serrated blade) in my strong side front pocket for every day task. I have a proximally 40 knives with a mix between fixed blade in folders, sometimes my primary defense knife is a 5.11 fixed-blade Karambit.
    I always go by NCIS is character Gibbs’ rule number nine, which is always carry a knife on you at all times. Again great video and looking forward to seeing more.
    Semper Fidelis and stay safe.

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