Esee 4 Tactical Survival Knife Review

This is a bench top review of the ESEE 4 Tactical Survival Knife. You can take a look at these awesome knives at by clicking here: …

22 thoughts on “Esee 4 Tactical Survival Knife Review

  1. plejaren giants says:

    ..yeh..that's an injection molded plastic sheath..i think the makers knew that kydex can crack if dropped in the cold temperatures and loose it's shape if it gets too hot..from what i heard the plastic sheaths cost even more to produce than the kydex ones..good video!

  2. opichocal says:

    Love my Esee 6. I use it weekly to split pecan for my BBQ cooker. Has about half the coating left on the blade and all I've done is strop it. eBay sells the 4 for $81 no sheath and 103 with.

  3. Dan Schwemin Jr says:

    JJ, a few things:

    1.  That sheath you have is definitely NOT the sheath I got with mine!  I bought my ESEE 4 a little over a year ago think?  But mine came with the sheath shown here:

    2.  As for where to buy this knife, I would recommend  They are ESEE's largest retailer and as such, have the lowest prices.  knifeworks sells the ESEE4 with clip plate for $89.99  plus S&H.  I also noticed that knifeworks does a free shipping deal on orders over $99.
    If you don't like knifeworks, I recommend
    This site has good prices on ESEE knives as well as a huge selection of their very own custom g-10 handle scales if you want to customize your ESEE or Becker knives.  Definitely check them out too!

    3.  My only gripe with this model ESEE is that the handle is a bit too short.  I would have preferred the handle to be a bit longer.  I only wear size: Large gloves too.  So I'm not a Goliath or anything!  LOL  The only other thing I don't care for is that the grips on all ESEE's are rather "boxy" and too squared off…  They would be better if they made the handles more rounded like the Mora you have.  I don't like flat handle slabs.  The closer to a "broom handle" the grip is: the more comfortable it is, the less likely you are to get blisters and hotspots, and it allows for more grip positions while still remaining comfortable in those positions.  Just my two cents.  (fyi-  I'm not just talking from my rear end here, I do own an ESEE 4, ESEE 6, and ESEE Izula)  All of which have been used and abused quite a bit in the woods up here in New England.

    Great video man,  I'm interested to see a field review video on this bad boy!  =)  Be well my friend!

  4. Ibpn says:

    I just can't understand why these knife makers insist on using allen screws instead of flat tip or cross tip (Philips) screws when every swiiss army type knife or multi-tool has those two screw drivers. if you had to you could even make them, but try making an allen wrench. great knife would like to have one thanks for you efforts.

  5. Patagonicus says:

    I was thinking about buying one of these a few months ago, but I decided to go with a 7 inch blade. Definitely a nice knife, but it's on the higher end of things for me.

    Thanks for the overview JJ.

  6. Jeff Russell says:

    Cost to much as always,same steel,looks and make as 10 other great companies,yet costs $40-$60 more then the rest (with exceptions) but thats esee. Very good lookin however. 

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