ESCRIMA Stick and Knife Drills – Filipino Martial Arts



ESCRIMA Stick and Knife Drills – Filipino Martial Arts – Practice these Espada Y Daga Drills then Check out my Online School at and …

19 thoughts on “ESCRIMA Stick and Knife Drills – Filipino Martial Arts

  1. Thomas Turner says:

    Thank u for the helping make kali understandable Your demos make it easier to get the basics understandable I have a black belt in another art and adding kali to my skill set is a huge plus Keep making the videos Xo u sell just DVDs I only have a smart phone and would like to get more info Don't have the storage for a full DVD download Thanks again Paul

  2. Striking Tiger- Filipino Martial Arts says:

    Hey Paul, Thanks for sharing those awesome drills! I'm jealous, i like your wooden training knife better than mine. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of wood is it made from and where did you buy it?? One of my favorite weapons is my 28 Inch Baston made with Bahi. Beautiful wood and its my bone breaker (gosh forbid i have use it on someone).

  3. RugbyGoth says:

    Your grip on the knife is bugging me, I learnt that the thumb should always cover the other fingers, "it's the mama protecting the kids" they say. And here I see you with you thumb up. I believe it's easier to disarm you with this grip, so what's the purpose of this grip versus the mama covering thing?
    Thanks for your videos, very clear, as always!

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