Escape The most Common Attack on Women.



Matan Gavish from Krav Maga Academy demonstrate the escape from a 2 hand choke from the front.

11 thoughts on “Escape The most Common Attack on Women.

  1. MARC FLETCH says:

    I like! , thou I would have to ask, surely once the woman has incapacitated him with knee to groin and actually escaped the Stranglehold wouldn't she be best to flee? Obviously not many women have the follow thru skills to stand and spar with a man esecially a larger stronger man.

  2. O Serper says:

    1.IDF Krav Maga takes a different approach from what you are referring as Krav Maga.
    2.the way you are doing your defence is not effective. you are missing a detailed movement in how you claimed it should be.
    the attacking techniques of punching are pure boxing and damage will be done to both attacker and defender.
    3.your student respects and afraid of you and therefore this is how it looks.
    4.when you want to learn Real and authentic Krav Maga, search for IDF Krav Maga.
    5.certification under certification is not acceptable when you want to learn the real and authentic IDF Krav Maga.

  3. Daniel Skipp says:

    You are teaching boxing punches to the skull, for women's selfdefence?
    SMH. The women showing the response were actually hitting the upper skull! I can see where they got it from… because you were doing it too!
    When she breaks her hands and doesn't knock him out what is a big bad guy gonna do to her? Right. Grab and smother the punches, rag her to the ground and pound.
    Better she drives into him with elbows, palm heels under the chin, tiger claws to the eyes, gouging the eyes and taking out his legs so he falls [and she can escape]. Boxing punches are for boxing matches. The targets are eyes and throat.
    And what is it with Krav Maga and that neck pulldown? It is bullshit.. Won't work reliably against a stronger guy.

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