Ernest Emerson – Complete Combat Karambit DVD Set – See it in ACTION !!!



– Emerson Combat Systems presents The Complete Combat Karambit DVD Set !!! About the Instructor and Combat Karambit

10 thoughts on “Ernest Emerson – Complete Combat Karambit DVD Set – See it in ACTION !!!

  1. The Ultimate Knife says:

    @travelinguy06: No pressure. Look, we're going to be giving away one of these Bad-Boys away; more specifically the G10 FOX Karambit Knife, sub to our channel and we'll keep you posted on how to get all the details. See ya…

  2. The Ultimate Knife says:

    @travelinguy06: Well, looking at your vids, it only reconfirms my understanding of what you meant. I guess using them as a throwing knife wouldn't work very well… LOL !!! Thanks for the post… Later… 🙂

  3. The Ultimate Knife says:

    Thanks Bill, we speak on this quite a bit, as most hand to hand type combat or knife disarming is that it's much more difficult to perform as this Karambit knife w/ its ring feature & talon shape design is not only easier to maneuver around any wrist grabbing moves to stop your opponent, but also is nearly impossible for you to stab your own arm with (as opposed to holding a straight blade in reverse) as the blade is curved outward. That's why we love this knife. Later Lad…

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