Eric Kramer Reaper: True tactical fighter with astounding fit/finish



The Reaper is a hand made full custom with a true tactical design (designed for the Libre Fighting Style created by Scott Babb, the creator of the Libre Fighting …

34 thoughts on “Eric Kramer Reaper: True tactical fighter with astounding fit/finish

  1. The Creature from the Seventh Chamber says:

    Anyone who teaches knife fighting is almost always full of shit. I would LOVE to see them get into a knife fight in real life. Enjoy those massive scars and cut tendons. If someone comes at you with a knife, if you don't have a gun, fucking run. If you cant run, grab the guys knife hand/arm and wrestle that fucking thing from him as best you can. This idea that you will fight him with your knife is retarded and nobody should try it.

  2. Aaron says:

    I love that green it's amazing. I would like to see one with. A satin blade, electric blue carbon fiber. Same bolsters and electric blue titanium instead of the green

  3. mactheknife801 says:

    Handled some of his work at G6, and while I was checking out which I wanted to buy a dealer bought out his whole table which was annoying, but thats how it goes.  Jim nailed it though these are fantastic indeed for the price.

  4. Alexandre Piché says:

    The sound of the knife action is great. The geometry is very nice! The curve on the blade is just awesome!
    Jim I'm wondering if the pocket clip could be made in tow pieces? I don't see how we could of the black and green on a one piece.

  5. Gimp Geek says:

    All the knives you review are absolutely phenomenal works of art, but is the market for $500 to $1500 custom knives really that big?  As much as I would love to and I'm sure many others would love to be able to just toss out $700 or more multiple times at a knife show for best in show, but I know there can't be that many who can or do, do that.  The price is just outrageous for the normal purchaser.  I want to see knife review that the casual user would buy

  6. MrLiamCooley says:

    Do people really care that much if the titanium handles are waterjet cut? Like Im gonna be getting mine waterjet cut coming soon but everything is grossly oversized. The reason why I want to waterjet is because its just to difficult to cut out lockbars on a drill press. I would still consider it a custom knife it just takes 3-4 hours off the build time having to precisely locate holes and cut everything out and shape it.

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