Episode 1: Self Defense on Campus [Social Experiment]

In this video I’m at a college campus doing a social experiment to teach women Self Defense.Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …

21 thoughts on “Episode 1: Self Defense on Campus [Social Experiment]

  1. Mica V says:

    Stop touching her! Please take this constructively: You're teaching self-defense to women, yet you are grabbing her hair without her permission? I wish you had stopped afterward, and asked her why she didn't say, "Don't touch me without my permission" followed by a self-defense move in case you didn't stop. Otherwise you're teaching her to continue to be deferential to men… which is one of the attitudes adding to the number of assaults. Food for thought.

    Thank you, though, for the actual self-defense moves you teach. Just make sure your actions are matching your intentions.

    I know I sound like one of those mean YouTube commenters. Or I'm just back peddling because I'm a girl. But I really hope you take this to heart. Thanks.

  2. Clevername209 says:

    To be fair this was in complete daylight, middle of the day with lots of people around. The chance of her getting attacked out of the blue there is very slim. You can't spend your entire life on edge and nervous about getting attacked. If you're in dangerous situations like alone, bad neighborhoods, late etc of course then be on guard but this seems excessive.

  3. Pascal Pitcher says:

    Hey Nick once again nice video about self awareness of your surroundings ,but what do you think about having an impact weapon for self defense and …..can you do a video on that subject. Thanks again keep up the good work,love your channel.

  4. Aloha Snack says:

    Nick, I have to applaud you for being the nicest yet meanest self defense instructor that I have seen in Youtube so far. You seem genuinely sincere in not only helping others protect themselves and you even respond to the trolls in the comments politely no matter the awful things they spout. I will be checking your website out and I am very interested to learn from you.

  5. tim gersh says:

    well i mean whats the point of this video, say your on a campus or at a bar and a person is staring at you. If you dont notice it theres nothing you can do, now if he grabs you its a different story and than based on where you are the story changes. If you on a school campus in the day time and your grabbed then you scream then if your alone yea thats the time you fight back if your around people like she was in the video then people around you do something than something else happens and its solved. Its cool nick wants to be Batman so idk i guess go Batman

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