Epic Throwing Knives – Combat Knife Demonstration

my friend Evan and I practice throwing knives a lot… this was one video of several throwing knife sticks. This video was recorded in one take, and there are 4 sticks in it… one into a wooden…

5 thoughts on “Epic Throwing Knives – Combat Knife Demonstration

  1. Matthias Joyce says:

    @matbroomfield actually, these are 'combat' throwing knives.. they're not weighted, you have to count the spins to stick them into anything. within 5 feet, you typically only want a half rotation. 10 feet is one rotation, 15 feet is two, etc. i made a few pretty good sticks in this video, but it's extremely difficult to be consistent without counting the spins. i know some knives are weighted so that no matter how you throw them, they fly straight.. but not with these ones!

  2. Mat Broomfield says:

    I don't think you're throwing them right – I THINK you're meant to rest them in your palm and let them slide out so they don't spin. The last time I threw one it bounced off a nail in the tree and stuck in my knee, so it's not like I'm any expert lol!

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