*EPIC* Interview: F-14 Tomcat RIO & Top Gun Instructor – Dave "Bio" Baranek



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21 thoughts on “*EPIC* Interview: F-14 Tomcat RIO & Top Gun Instructor – Dave "Bio" Baranek

  1. FlyAndWire says:

    Brilliant interview. Bio is a legend, I love how he explains concepts and tells about his life. You can feel the passion in his words.

    Thanks for putting this together Cap & GR!

  2. TRIBVNE says:

    I love how everyone makes a big deal about his RIO time and his Top Gun time. For me, I am most impressed with being a Skipper. I have almost 20 years flying in the Navy, and I have seen a great deal of Skippers. Some thrive, most get burnt from both ends and turnover exhausted. For that alone, Bio has my respect.

  3. Firestorm2900 says:

    I have a hunch it might have been the same issues like with the AEGIS and the SPY-1A, the OG version was great over the open ocean but over land it could run into highlighting false targets. One example I can recall was a locust swarm appearing as a target. Some radars seem like if they were only developed with the open ocean in mind had some issues when you get land involved.

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