14 thoughts on “Epic Fight Scenes: #9 – Dune (Shield Practice)

  1. CB says:

    Funny how this looks better than most CGI shit these days. Real stuff (drawings and whatnot included) just looks good.

    Moods are things for cattle, and loveplay!

  2. Andrew Robertson says:

    From memory, the shields were designed to deflect any foreign object, from blade to bullet, that was travelling in excess of a certain velocity.
    It has been a long time since I read the books and can't remember the nitty grittys but I'm fairly sure the body shields rendered a lot of projectile and energy weapons obsolete.
    Great clip, very nostalgic and probably to blame for my Lynch addiction later in life.

  3. Shepherd492 says:

    I actually don't like the effects, sure they are impressive for their era but they obscure so much of the fighting and emotions behind it that it feels like it's a little much.

  4. HDGoofnut says:

    I'm sorry you wrongly feel that way. The fight itself is not that epic. However, the effects are so good that it makes it much more epic. This was before the CGI invasion, which makes it even more impressive.

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