English Combat Training Book: An English Fighting System for self-defence and competition


An English Fighting System for fitness, self-defence and competition. Teaches use of an English Quarterstaff, Single & Double Stick/Cudgel/Cutlass, Knife, Axe, Whip, Ball & Chain and unarmed combat. The empty hand element utilizes, kicks, strikes, blocks, sweeps, throws, knife and axe throwing. Bringing together English fighting techniques from times ancient to contemporary. Although a fighting system in extremis you the reader are invited to become English in thought and character as you work through this system. Read not only about the individual techniques but the approach to using them. It is inherent within the English character to be protective of others, women, children, victims of bullies and those less able. Adopt this yourself, as we who strive to become skilled paladins, ( A “paladin” has come to refer to any chivalrous hero such as King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table and Robin Hood) are much in enthusiasm but low in number. I invite you therefore to cast aside doubt and feelings of not being able to make a difference to life around you. Open your mind and heart to what could be, a chivalrous world peopled by those that are noble in spirit and action. I place this book before you to begin your quest.Read on my friend.

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